Nokia 1112

Nokia 1112

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  • Rizu

Nokia want to make some money hahahahahahhahahahahahaahahhhhahahahahaha who gonna buy this phone in this color world u me no never lol even the 3rd grade person lol

  • romcik

I really respect and like NOKIA for their phones! But when I see joke-phones like these..why would anybody need such a phone?? monochrome display..c'mon!!!

  • Anonymous

it might not be appealling to teens or so, but its a normal phone for someone who needs a phone for calling and messeging, and wont cost alot, its a good idea, but i dont like the style that all 5 about of nokias simple phones look alike,

  • Dreadnought

Gee, do you seriously think that kids or old people are interested in megapixel cams or hi-res displays. This is a proper low-end phone used for calling and messaging only. And you say Nokia is behind SE... Lol, I think itīs the opposite because SE has only got about one or two real low-end phones...

  • Surprised

Is this some kind of joke? Monochrome graphic display & no camera? Wadda hell is wrong with Nokia? How much is this phone gonna worth? Less than a hundred? Even the coloured display phones are very cheap nowadays. To think that Nokia still produces monochrome display phones. Oh my goodness.. Nokia is way behind Sony Ericsson.. Thumbs down!

  • Anonymous


  • grant

Can't see any difference with NK 1110 apart from talk time - so what's this a joke or waste of time. Pls Nokia be creative and give something more wowish

  • harry

wtf.... please nokia... now world is dealing with high colur resolution screen and megapixel cam.... not a stupid Monochrome graphic.