Nokia 1112

Nokia 1112

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  • Anonymous

a remarkable phone!! i have a plan to get this to my beloved son.

  • Kelvin

All the citicism of Nokia 1112 that is voiced here, is written in a 6th grade language! What a shame!
1110 AND 6170.

Monochrome phones without megapixel, games and mp3 garbage are proven to be the most reliable and simple PHONES! 3310 (american version 3390), 6310i, and few other Nokias have been the best Nokia Phones!

Get out of the 6th grade-you megapixel fools, and then speak!

  • Khurram Ansari

Nokia 1110 was a great phone in cheap price. I hope 1112 will take it's place.

  • cb gai

a great back up for those who need a second phone. great phone for those who has color blindness like me.

  • wHyC@Re

I have used my friend's 1110, and it's an amazing phone. All features i'll ever need in a phone is there and what more can i ask. And i'm going to get myself another 1112 as my spare phone even though i have myself a 6680.

  • Paolo

I wanted to buy 1110 but 1112 has normal, not reversed color screen, so I'll buy 1112.

  • Paolo

This is a phone for people who need a phone. I wonder whether you all you people really have that great 2 MP, 512 MB phones.

  • Anonymous

this is my favourite phine after motorplaV3

  • Do Hoang Ha

Good phone.

  • xtina

the 4mb would be for the ringtones... mp3 grade.. duh

  • Piggg

Gues what?
Not only teenagers need a phone. Not everyone needs color LCD and fancy features. (low end monochrome LCD has much better visibility than low end color LCD in a bright sunlight). It is an excellent an inexpensive product for people in need of basic communication device. For those of you who are disgruntled, there is an N-Series, 9XXX series etc.

  • Anonymous

I think it's really great that Nokia offers products for every segment in the markets. And about the screen - good monochrome screen is much better than poor colour screens which are often used in low-end mobiles.

  • Ammar Hyder

4Mb memory 4 whats???? No Wap, no Browser???
I dont understand

  • Ammar Hyder

Whats this??????
Whats difference between Nokia 1110 and 1112. go to hell Nokia.

  • Anonymous

WTF 4mb for a monochrome phone????
A fone like this needs only 400k

  • chrissie

everyone get over the bagging nokia. just cos this phone doesn't have a camera and coloured screen who really cares hey.. There will be a lot of people buying this phone. the older generation love black and white screens because they can see it and the amount of people that buy the 1100's just for an emergency phone.. nokia are smart. It will be a low cost basic and easy to use phone. Great for beginners or just so people can keep in touch.. Why should people have to buy 2mp camera phones and super dooper expensive phones if they don't need them or want them...
Goon on nokia for bringing out low end basic phones...

  • Io

JESUS CHRIST MONOCHROME SCREEN. I believe there are tons of other cells that have features like this one,why announce n make another ? 1 would be well enough,but 3 new basic ones ? WTH is NOKIA thinking,there are enough low budget phoes allready

  • swal

Some people are so short sighted. Does everyone in the world have enough money to buy a top of the range nokia phone that costs 600 ?! Nokia are making in roads into markets where people are buying their first phone. This is the strategy that will help them stay at the top.
The phone is good, and even more impressive when you think about the price that it costs to make it....

  • Anonymous

yiunie is right. they want to reach every segment of the market. that's how the business works.

  • yiunie

U ALL ARE WRONG IF U THINK NOKIA RPODUCE MONOCROME COLOUR NOW A DAY STILL IS A STUPID IDEA!! I will support nokia's idea also even i'm an alcatel,siemen,motorola and nokia user.NOKIA can think WISER than what u thought, they produce low end and low cost phone because the want EVERYONE CAN BE CONNECTED. Don't think that only rich people reserve to have mobile phone. what about the rest that want only to call n sms. Beside..monochrome phone is long lasting use than coloured graphic phone. If u already have a high end with many specification phone...have u use all the features inside? Think wise before u comment. Remember..there's always a reason why.