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  • Sudeep Sharma

Kurt , 29 Dec 2008Hello guys! I just want to ask how is the NOKIA 1209 screened li... moreHi screening calls is a very important features of Nokia lower level sets for eg. 1208, 1110i and 1209 etc.
Let me give you one example to narrate the use of screening:
Suppose from past few somebody irritating you by calling you in the night and day and every time you cannot put your phone into vibration mode. So now this picture comes into the picture. See the moment you receive any bogus call or call from any customer care or else you can save that number by given xyz name put that number into screening list. You can maximum put 10 numbers into it. And if you again get the call from the same person you will not get disturbed as the bell will not be ring even if you put your cell in General/Loud mode.

Let me know if this mail solve your query. If not I can give elaborate explanation in my next mail.

  • Mohammed

i have this phone 2 weeks ago
and it's great phone for users who needs it to it's exact propose

  • Taqi

does it have mp3 music format??and where should i get it(if available)??...thanks...

  • joli

its easy to use and very cheap but ist ok for me cost im cheap joke.....if u want my no# 09194640771 4 grl only just txt me..tnx

  • Adnan

hi guys

I just bought this fone last night. But i am surprised that it gets power off itself. Can any one let me know, if any one is facing such a problem. Please, it's making me annoying, and i may go to resale it. Please answer

  • Kurt

Hello guys! I just want to ask how is the NOKIA 1209 screened list works? What is this for? It seems so interesting but i don't know how it will work. Please send me reply here or in my friendster / e-mail account Thank you!

  • ALI

Sathya, 19 Dec 2008There is not much difference between 1208 and 1209, only the key... morethanx bud!
but does this phone has better messaging option.
i mean to say that nokia 1200 after sending 10 n above messages we have to reboot our phone n then our message is sent.
does this handset have this problem or not

  • Sathya

Yesterday i bought this Mobile it was around 1489 RS. only... cheap & worth for what we pay... The key pad lights are too gud in the dark...sounds are gud, Battery are also at high levels... The people who are looking for a mobile for the exact purpose (to attend call and SMS) this should be in his/her pockets ! Moreover there is a menu called "PANJAGAM" to it... it might come handy for Traditional persons.... this was missed in Specifications in this site i belive...

  • Sathya

ALI, 15 Dec 2008is this mobile phone better than nokia 1208 and does this phone... moreThere is not much difference between 1208 and 1209, only the key pad is different... 1209 better i feel when i was having both the mobiles in hand !, 1209 is gud....

  • Boon

unknown, 17 Dec 2008hi first time user, could you tell me if there is a way to b... moreHi blocking ur number is a svc have to call ur provider to check.No hp as i know have tis function.

  • Boon

Lost my hp tot buy a low end hp for temp usage.

Choose Nokia as i think they produce one of the best cheap hp in the market.


Tis hp bring me back to the years hp was meant to be.
Making calls and SMS.

Large Keypad ,Huge screen interface when number is depress, easy to navigate and easy to sms.Basically a very simple hp without those unnesscarry add on function.
Handphone is back !!!

  • unknown


first time user, could you tell me if there is a way to block my number when calling out? i have just purchased this nokia phone and wanting to make my number private when calling out. pls help

  • ALI

is this mobile phone better than nokia 1208
and does this phone have themes in it??
can anyone plz tell me some other differences between nokia 1208 and nokia 1209

  • ramon

can anyone know how to loud the volume of 1209?is weak sound tnx email me at tnx everybody hope u can help me!

  • moamen mohamed

every one i want to tell you that this phone is agreat as a phone ,i'm very happy to have this phone, and i want all of you have this phone byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee every one

  • Evil

Softt, 19 Nov 2008Pros: Sharp and very usable torch lightbeam. Battery life. Ro... moreBuy another phone if you want blueto0th or gprs. This is a basic phone that does the job done. Only Nokia makes good entry-level phones,the other brands suck at this.

  • amritpal singh

respected sir / madam i am use nokia1209 hand set and i change the security code but this time forget my code so plz help me what can i do. plz reply me e-mail Id
M.: +91-94171-77065

with regards

amritpal singh

  • Anonymous

this thing has the same features of a house phone. not much else (calculator, alarm, calendar, games)

  • gramdf

hmmm.. I want to my 1209 remind me EVERY day in 10:00 to do something. Is it possible to do in 1 remind entry (not 365!)?
Sory for my (bad) english..

  • lizzy

Mushik, 29 Nov 2008How do I clear my call timer? it asks for a security code... is ... morestandard nokia security code... 12345