Nokia 1209

Nokia 1209

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  • Nevi

Please how can help me for the way to put off fixed dialing for nokia 1209 ?

  • AnonD-191408

i like it but it still as you are putting a stone in your pocket especially for girls who wear jeans.its keyboard is hard for long time writing msgs.its rare now.a ok mobile; for the interested of it i say buy it

  • sushant

this is one of the most longlasting mobile phones of nokia

  • Jeeva

Nokia 1209 is one of the best mobile phones for fast messaging. It has strong hardwares. i.e., the keypad, display, etc. I have been using this mobile phone since 3 years. Within these 3 years, I have put down this phone mistakenly and known from height places. But none would have happened to this phone. The hardware is that much strongly made. It is compatible phone. The main disadvantage of this phone, I feel is phone memory only. Yes. this is the big advantage of this phone. Maximum messages that can be stored in inbox are 77 to 82 messages only, that too depends on other memories. Only 4 to 6 messages in drafts folder can be saved. Then, in Reminder, only 10 Reminders can be set. This is also an important disadvantage of this phone. Apart from this, this is a good phone for all categories of mobile phone users. After using it for 3 years, it automatically switches off. The reason is not known. But, I think this is one of the low cost best Nokia phones all time.

  • AnonD-165110

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2010What a complete piece of garbage... My grandmother used to ... moreHuh! this is a masterpiece from this price range u want what? an Apple i phone or Blackberry? It is one of the sturdiest phones in the world...

  • Baby

Really a good phone. Several times it fells down accidentally but still working very good. Its been 4 years now and I haven't bring it for repair. Congrats Nokia!

  • noni

this is my first phone and this phone is really very good

  • downunder Dave

I wanted a basic phone, just text and calls, and this little phone fits the bill admirably, I don't need all the high tech stuff on more expensive phones. A pity it's been discontinued, many people only want the means to just make a call or text, without having to pay for technology they never use.

  • manubuddi

its a good phone with simple features and good battery packup and its a good phone

  • pal

zoinks, 01 Mar 2013l have 1209 nokia l can not get network with any carrier in... morein usa there are no 2g coverage, only 3g and 4g coverage are there in the usa. but u r useing the 2g mobile, so fst change the mobile

  • zoinks

AnonD-84879, 03 Dec 2012Is it working in USA? I've searched to know how but no use.l have 1209 nokia l can not get network with any carrier in usa. can anybody help?


nokia 1209 = it a very geat handset becus every parson in low & high & midal clas pepl usging i useing this mo,all ready use& after us, so,, very very thatngs to geat handset,,,,,,,,,,

  • mexykanu

Anonymous, 21 Dec 2012can it access facebook?Nah, but you can use it to program satellites.

  • Anonymous

can it access facebook?

  • AnonD-84879

Is it working in USA? I've searched to know how but no use.

  • Anonymous

Babai, 02 Oct 2012What type of Nokia headphone will work with this Nokia 1209... more2.5mm jack

  • Monis

First Mobile Phone of my Life.. Very Fantastic Cellphone...

  • zxfgxf

this is very very nice phone

  • Babai

What type of Nokia headphone will work with this Nokia 1209 mobile. Plz give specification?

  • iru

my name is irshad ah handwari im using dis fone its fantastic,,,ewwhhhhwhhwhwhhwhwhwhwhhhhhwhhwhh