Nokia 1209

Nokia 1209

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  • Harshad Patil

nice cell for senior citizen

  • Anonymous

On verification of the all the cell phones it is observed that no where the cost is displyed which is one of the essential need of the custoner to selelct desidred cell phone and its cost so that the poorest of the poor can get the details of quality and cost of the phone and to decide to purchaase the phone

  • VAVA

good phone with lots of facilities including sms

  • karan

i like dis fone

  • micky

hey guss this model number 1209 is all pepel verry gud model so i am requast so 1209 new model purches on market ,.,.,.

  • tinet

i really like the nokia 1209 it is durable, cheap and very practical

  • gallen

who to turn off the send items?

  • daveochia

thats actually my 1st phone as a gift for my 10th b day. this phone is actually simple keypad is not that hard. it cant get easilly get broken and i like it

  • Renjish

Best quality when campare with it's price and also user friendly

  • Suyash

Its a very handy and strong phone,battery back up is also very good...its ideal phone for a call....

  • Mitch

can you put a signature on this phone in you sms?

  • waseem

I have had this phone. But I lost it. I love this phone. I want to buy it again. but I am unable to find this phone on online shopping website and stores. Please suggest my from where or from which website's I can purchase this phone on reasonable price. I need this phone. Please help me.

  • issey

imei number

  • Anonymous

a pocket friendly everyway...all the way..

  • Punch

aby, 17 Jan 2012My nokia Battery of 1209 (BL5C) damaged. I have a extra bat... moreYes you can use it.

  • Jay

oldvanman, 23 Nov 2011Very reliable basic phone with very useful features. I can... morei have dropped this Nokia series so many times on hard surfaces - & with parts scattered on the floor but i still can put them together and still use them to this day.

  • LG

I will add my 2c since everyone is saying what i was thinking. My fav pair of shorts have a hole in the pocket, this thing takes a beating often, and never has a problem.
Love the battery life, and the fast old user interface. New phones cant keep up with my keypresses.

  • aby

My nokia Battery of 1209 (BL5C) damaged. I have a extra battery of BL4C. I can use this or not???

  • sanju

this is a tough phone ?
How I know it..
because I have thrown it two times on a well furnished
wall but it is still working fine.. ..
I m using it with pleasure..

  • oldvanman

Very reliable basic phone with very useful features.
I can drop it and it still works. The torch gets used every night.
If only it had bluetooth.