Nokia 1209

Nokia 1209

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  • oldvanman

Very reliable basic phone with very useful features.
I can drop it and it still works. The torch gets used every night.
If only it had bluetooth.


It's an awesome phone.............,
Once you've used it you can't never ever leave it.........,
You can rough use it without any problems...,

  • davedo

It's simple ,basic and reliable. batteries are cheap and if all you want is a phone ,this is it

  • xoxo

hahaha i always laugh at myself going after every new phone that is being released but always end up using this nokia 1209 as the other phones never last long on me....its just so stupid,you know,so that means that no phone beats this!!!

  • Anonymous

There is awesomeness in this its world richest phone for me.

  • Zango

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2011its cute.. i love it.. i just bought it today.. the battery... moreDude, u bought it 2day n u saying its battery backup is 4 days.......ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

  • nahdxb

better never sell it

its the best form of nokia mobile

  • abhijit sasmal

can i use nokia BL5C battery instead of NOKIA BL5CA?

  • TWB

I have a Nokia 1209. After I turn it on, I can send text messages to anyone anywhere no problem. After I send a few of them it stops sending them. It actually keeps the message on the Sent section, but does not send it, although you tend to assume it did. When you check the text message that you tried to send on the Sent section, you see that its status is Pending. But it never even leaves the phone itself. All messages that you continue to try sending (whether yo are aware that it stopped sending them or not) will not get sent, until you turn the phone off and on again. Then you will be able to send new ones successfully or manually resend the ones that were stuck in Pending. But, again, only a few ones, because it will stop sending them after just a few. Help me.

  • rayyz

Raj, 14 Aug 2011Hi guys, This phone is an anroid 2.3 for me. I would say in... moredude i hav the same phone as u hav bt i wanna sell it >>>>>>>>>>>>shall i sell it

  • Raj

Hi guys, This phone is an anroid 2.3 for me. I would say in hindi( Sone se kam nahi khone se gam nahi)


Rajesh sharma

  • ricky

contact service my nokia 1209

  • arslan yousaf

i just love this mobile its so easy to use its like my bodypart i love this mobile

  • susigaran

I am using the model 1209 since April 2009 .It has fallen many times till now it has never malfunctioned.It serves its purpose.

Thank you NOKIA 1209



28th of July ,AD 2011
Republic of INDIA

  • guria

it's really awesome.Its so easy to use. my life became incomplete without it.

  • nano

excellent audio - very good battery backup

  • brojo

this phone is great.......using this phone fron 2 years... throw it many times.. still ok..i love this phone....

  • Chiku

Its awesome. I'm using it for more than 2years. I can!t get any prob till now.thank you nokia for offering us this brilliant gift. Chiku 8984474664

  • ajay

i use it 3 yrs & it is stolen i really miss it

  • Heeeeeeee

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2010i want to buy this mobile.what it is internet speedPlease open your eyes,this phn does not support GPRS connectivity.