Nokia 2110

Nokia 2110

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  • rave

will i get the same model

  • Vhin

Wow Nice Phone 1995

  • Anonymous

How can run World of Warcraft : Mists of Panderia on this phone without lags ? Please help. Also How can upgrade it to iOS 5 ?

  • dota king...

wow by next month i will able to buy this smart phone !!!! :D

  • jacksharcky

Anonymous, 05 May 2012is it upgradable to Android Version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)?... :)no dude to android icecream 9.0.1 haha lol

  • Anonymous

is it upgradable to Android Version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)?... :)

  • deey0893

i saw this phone last time when i was 4 years old...that time i thought that it was best phone evr..

  • Anonymous

Best phone Evar 45 mp camere android 5.0 and ICS 70Gb internal memory upgradable up to 1000Gb using micros SD camere and the special feature....SNAKE!!

  • AnonD-50569

jay orbon, 31 Oct 2011i love this phone,where can i buy one???Today technology is not so advanced, so u can't buy this phone right now. Maybe in future after 100 years, u may be able to buy.

Just sit on a time machine and come to year 1995 and then buy it.

  • Other

Now New phones are saying that Qur ancestor

  • Anonymous

good old ph

  • AnonD-49364

It's a good but basic phone

  • Ans

radu, 10 Sep 2003Do not make joke's about this phone. In 1995 it was one of the g... moreTrue.

  • Anonymous

bst mob ever!!


from this to Nokia lumina.. i wonder how Nokia phones evolve after 20 more years :)

  • ali zafar

hell this is a very gud fone my grandpa still uses it.................................

  • Anonymous

wat d hell are u guyz stil checking out here??? Oldest skul get out here plzzzz.

  • tony3i3

Great news for all nokia 2110 users, Snake is now available on ovi store!!! FREE DOWNLOAD

  • Anonymous

Kermit, 02 Mar 2012Someone please help me, I can't find wifi setting on my Nokia 21... moreupgrade to android 4.0 dude

  • raj