Nokia 225

Nokia 225

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  • rakib

how I can open the nokia xpress browsers.

  • joe999

Nokia 225 not good. Apple refuses to connect via bluetooth as does Windows computer, It assumes you are a twitter and facebook addict, I don't have time for them
Says it is connected to my car but doesn't but my other phones do no problem
Going to put in rubbish bin and get an android that will connect to everything, just need an honest salesman to tell me which one but finding an honest salesman seems to be very difficult,

  • Tak

Worst mobile i hd seen.dnt buy zoom,no better internet,no apps support,hah only a clr scrn.vry bad nokia series phone.

  • BabB

Dee, 24 Dec 2015I can't use whatsapp,hike,youtube etc...fb is the only app i'm u... moreHello this is basically

  • Anonymous

Please does this phone support Whatsapp? I love many things about this phone

  • AnonD-492023

Dont even think of buying it. Nokia 1100 is way better than this. The Log entries ar limited to 20. For missed calls and received calls its only 10. And not much space to save sms massages. And the worst thing is u cant uninstall the games from it.. Hand the phone to kids and they will try to buy the full versions of the games unknowingly which will keep costing u some money.

  • destiny

Maddy, 20 Jan 2016Very disappointed - the storage capacity for text messages is ri... moreMy Nokia has ran out of reserved SMS space in less than a three days.

  • u

a sad story..that´s what it is..!

  • Mala biswas.

A very cute and lovely phone with good features!

  • Maddy

Very disappointed - the storage capacity for text messages is ridiculously low. I owned my previous Nokia mobile for six years and never had to delete a text message due to lack of space, but my new Nokia 225 has run out of memory within less than three months!!

  • Ashutosh.

I am a simple man with simple needs. I always liked Nokia 225, because it is the best phone in every respect. It has excellent look, large display, good battery life, no hanging problem, clear and loud sound, dual sim,excellent features, etc,etc.It is a very good phone at an affordable price and I would suggest every one to buy it. Thank you.

  • E'K

Riya. , 18 Jan 2016My most favourite phone Nokia 225 !Good

  • Riya.

My most favourite phone Nokia 225 !

  • Mohini.

It is the best phone for simple calling and Sms purposes. The best part is after charging once, I do not have to charge it for the next 7 to 8 days. It is a very good phone and I am very satisfied with it. I have the black colour Nokia 225.

  • Rinku.

If I am told to rate Nokia 225, I will gladly give it 5 stars. It is the best phone for simple use. I am very happy with it.

  • anaconda

Very very very good phone. It is very good for simple use, just for calling and Sms purposes. I have both the yellow and black colour Nokia 225 and I am very pleased with it. My aunty has also purchased it and she is also very happy with it. Thank you Nokia.

  • AnonD-488286

I cannot write a text anymore the numbers keys aren't working can you advise me please also if i am searching for a name in the phone i have to scroll all the way down because the letters dont come up. thanks

  • Alex

Yes..! I like this hand-phone.. After update system, I can have internet. Why I need this basic phone? Because touch screen can hurt my finger. And the signal receiver is 10 time better then the android. I live in the Heart Of The North Borneo. I hope the developer make whatapp/telegram/wechat application use .vxp format. And this mobile use less data due to the system/os...

  • Hafeez

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2016After updating i found opera mini instead of nokia express and b... moreUcbrowser and whatsapp not on in this mobile

  • louie

this phone is suck! when your going a long text message the phone is slightly delay for a sec. I'm very Disappoint for this unit. i through this is fast for texting and message strorage ? very poor, Everyday i always receive message that my inbox is full ! im never buy nokia phone! never ever... RIP NOKIA