Nokia 3120 classic

Nokia 3120 classic

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  • MEDO

This phone has VGA video, please change the specs

  • Kishore

3120 user, 14 Jul 2008the phone is great! all features..built quality..etc.. EXCEPT!!!... moreHellz,phone is so nice in Fture.

  • Anonymous

djhammerhead, 11 Jul 2008From where can I find and donwload the original themes Abstract,... morethat is a ezy one my fraind u just log on to from ur mobile go to theames and downlode ur one anser on dj hamerhead

  • Rahul

any body using
r u facing any problem in the handset with regards to voice etc.

  • Babbu

Overall its a gr8 set . look wise good,handy,battery backup is satisfactory. But it should come with memory card.

  • 3120 user

the phone is great! all features..built quality..etc.. EXCEPT!!! camera n sound quality(from speakers)Pictures look grainy maybe due to over anti-noise processing. sound from speaker is very disappointing, even SE K500i(old) sound soo much better. I had a 3500 classic n the speakers were great!! better than sum SE walkman series.other than that, this is a great full featured midranged phone!

  • jojo

has anybody used this cellphone as modem to surf the internet with their pc/laptop? if so, how was the downloading speed?

  • Anonymous

Good Phone for the price. Excellent battery life considering all the features it has. Battery Life is 6 days.

  • jagdish

since this handset is in range of 8000/- box is very small & panel also look like 2600

  • srinivasan a.k.

In Nokia spec it says it supports upto only 4 GB not 8GB i want clarification.

  • djhammerhead

From where can I find and donwload the original themes Abstract, Graphite and Simple for 3120 classic?


Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970The price is 159 (in europe)... 200$ ???


Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970The price is 159 (in europe)... 200$ ???

  • iolo003

the phone I'm going to give to my mom very soon. its small and handy, s40 as well where the option of enlarging the font of text input is possible. she needs bigger fonts because of her age and the fact that she likes red as well.

hope this have a louder speaker so she can hear text and call tones satisfactorily

best of all, an affordable device!!

  • vishal

think this is a phone worth every penny... simple phone , good display , good music player , good allround features ..... very happy with it .....

  • lovelyne

could the font size be adjusted?

  • Anonymous

Is this handset has dual antenna?

  • shane

selrahc, 07 Jul 2008guys, which phone should i pick do u think?, 6120, 3120, or 5310... morebased on the camera, don't pick 5310

  • shane

Anonymous, 01 Jan 19706300 is the best ;)

  • kG_0o

Hey, i just got this phone and i think it's great.
1)But can anyone PLEASE help me out with the camera sound? Apparently there is no option that can turn the camera sound OFF?

I've tried the advice of trying to switch off warning tones, but there is no option for warning tones either... =S..

2)When I'm in texting mode, there is like a strip of things at the bottom of my texts, I want to know how to turn that off...