Nokia 3120 classic

Nokia 3120 classic

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  • shane

selrahc, 07 Jul 2008guys, which phone should i pick do u think?, 6120, 3120, or... morebased on the camera, don't pick 5310

  • shane

Anonymous, 01 Jan 19706300 is the best ;)

  • kG_0o

Hey, i just got this phone and i think it's great.
1)But can anyone PLEASE help me out with the camera sound? Apparently there is no option that can turn the camera sound OFF?

I've tried the advice of trying to switch off warning tones, but there is no option for warning tones either... =S..

2)When I'm in texting mode, there is like a strip of things at the bottom of my texts, I want to know how to turn that off...

  • Vlad

I am very in to it, cause i had a 6300 with a software modification from Orange partner, fact that kiled my batery life, not to mention that this one has 16 mil screen witch feed from baterry when working on it, so after all i didn't find that the flash could, or NOT uded like tourch, and of course the 1000mah bat for 3 hours is poor indeed, i hate that, Nokia put DEem the polimer option on your phones, and not to forget to mention that the s40 OS it can me uses in addition to java to upload the office viwer, sincerly the phone can;t be used for music player or radio daily :( not fair .. chears ..

  • wilbert

i was about to check the standard and advance settings of this 3120classic phone here in internet but this phone is not available up to now! why????????

  • sagar

does it have the same old problem of hanging when we use memory cards higher than 1gb..

almost all nokia phones hang when we use more than 1gb card..

why this happens only nokia has to answer us..

Grow up NOKIA

  • selrahc

guys, which phone should i pick do u think?, 6120, 3120, or 5310? based on camera, sound, affordability and performance? pls reply .. tnx

  • Anonymous

beautiful and attractive mobile.....)))

  • Anonymous

i wonder, is this phone based on the 3110c? and if it is, does this phone has the same 'memory card-restart' bug like in the 3110c?

  • fanis thessaloniki

Tito, 05 Jul 2008 I bought this phone a week ago . I think it is very good ... morei think you need to buy a memory card and after you must make your phone saves the video only in the memory this and i think it will work.

  • Tito

I bought this phone a week ago .
I think it is very good and easy to use.
But I have a question. Is it suitable to use a memory card 2G or 4G or 8G?
How can I record from a camera for 2 or 3 hours. because when i record with a camera i read the 12:00 minutes at the top of the phone. Can anyone answer me , please ?

  • Anonymous

Tutti Frutti, 25 Jun 2008The person calling this excellent phone "Grandma phone"is b... morei like this phone, yes this is 100% for simple life..have 3g , 2mp cam + flash

  • SJp

Is this phone worthy to buy?

  • gamut

does the 3120 classic have a flashlight function ala se k610i?

  • egyptionrico

how can i set a password for the memory card?
and how can i use the P.T.T option ?

  • Tongkie

To Maat,

Just go to Profiles and turned off the warning tones.

  • hellboy

hahaha rofl
1000mAh battery and ONLY 3h 30min talk time...

  • Mueen.A.Sardar

Hi i am into telecom field . We heard that there is no volume at all is it right or its a rumour . It is available in mysore

  • vinoth

Anonymous, 23 Jun 2008I bought this phone 2 days ago and I must say. This is the ... morewhat about sound quality.....i am used se is volume
more than w700i....plz tell me...

  • Sam

can nokia make somethng which has louder volume stereo spearkers like nokia 6233 with slim body?i dont think so they can and if they can they never will.they cannot make something 6233 is perfect but its a brick make something in size of 6100 specs of 6300 with stereo speakers.