Nokia 3120 classic

Nokia 3120 classic

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  • Amr

hi again,does the camera have an automatic setup for the picture?

  • Amr

hi everybody,Can I change the cover of the 3120c

  • margarita

wtz the INR 4 this phone??

  • Donovan

Nokia 3120C is mid range phone that costs around 300 Sing dollars. Performance wise quite
promising. I just trade in N73(ME) for this.
But the only flaw is the back batt cover and the memory card slot. Its a torture to remove that... Other wise a affordable mid range gadget! Cheers!!!

  • Sach

What are your opininons on 6120c vs 3120c?
Are there any PDF readers or wordproccessing appications available for 3120c?

  • maat

hi evry one thanks G A
i have thes sat 3 days ago i cant off the cam saund any one can help me
thanks fox ))

  • rakeb

nokia 3120 for lady phone very beautiful and 2mp and 3g

  • Anonymous

there is flash for the camera, please add it to the specifications, thanks.

  • Anonymous

its have "no autofocus" on camera.

  • Anonymous

law, 26 Jun 2008can anyone using this fone tell me whther its camera has go... moreno autofocus but still a very great fone

  • Erick

Great review and I agree that consumers now have a very choice in this segment of the market. This undoubtedly good phone will suit those wanting a straightforward device with good functions. For those wanting more they should consider the outstanding Nokia 6120 Classic which offers a phenomenal amount of technology with a Symbian S60 operating system. The review mentioned the Sony Ericsson K770i as an alternative. There is also the excellent K660i which is an advanced device. There is a lot of good choice out there. The 3120 should sell very well.

  • law

can anyone using this fone tell me whther its camera has got autofocus or not????

  • Anonymous

the flash is quite good too considering that it is only a single led flash..

  • Anonymous

i called it a grandma phone coz yah, it has large keypads, large font options, so easy to use.. it fits you hand perfectly when you take pictures.. your thumb on the capture key while holding the phone securely..

  • Tutti Frutti

The person calling this excellent phone "Grandma phone"is because it is simple to use&u can enlarge font size,by the way I personally prefer UI40 to symbian phones,it is a matter of choice&after all mobiles r made to make calls with(that is the idea)Have nice day

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone 2 days ago and I must say. This is the ultimate 3G video call, mp3 player, radio, multi media GRANDMA PHONE..! LOL

It comes in a pretty small package and no wonder it only cost no more than 8thou (phil peso) coz in the you only have the unit, headset, battery, charger and the user manual.. no memory card (micro SD).. no USB cable.. and the USB cable is different from that of Nokia 6120classic.. (my mom has N6120c)

Anyway, aside from the things that I’ve just said, this phone is just OK.. large keypad.. nice screen.. large font size option (for grandma’s who have poor eye sight) hehehe you can also change the menu to grid, grid with label, list and this one is new for me… TAB menu… I think this TAB menu is 1 great innovation bcoz as time goes by, up and down arrow keys are used most often on browsing and sometimes, these keys worn out.. at least with this TAB menu, you can use the left and right.. I mean, there’s balance in how much u use the arrow keys.. the calculator is nice also.. negative/positive sigh, square root, square sign, M+, M-, MC.. the processor is quite slow.. I tried copying sim contacts to phone memory and its slow.. no memory card inbox but the phone memory is about 30mb (i guess, coz I have 28mb plus the used memory.. graphics, wallpapers, …ect…)..?

the camera in front is for video call only..

videos can be recorded at CIF 3g format..

the battery is the same as what is used in N95.. the casing is somewhat bad coz its not that stable.. I mean when you make a text message, press the * and # sign and you can hear a squeaking sound.. I examined the back cover it I’m sure, it will worn out fast.. BUT.. I guess the front and back cover are changeable.. hmm.. that’s a relief..

I think that’s all for now.. if you have more questions, feel free to ask..

  • Anonymous

the front camera can't be used to take pictures.. it is only used during video calls..

  • ita

can the front camera be used for leisure?

  • Tutti Frutti

Bought this phone few weeks ago&so far so good,by the way this phone is made in China&package is less than simple:no memory card&no USB cable that is way it is so cheap for a 3Gmobile

  • ian

Hello.. How is the 2 megapixel camera of the phone on PC? is it ok or is it presentable? I hope i will but this phone this week. can someone kind enuf send me some sample? please.. Thank you!!! here is my email address: