Nokia 3120 classic

Nokia 3120 classic

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  • Anonymous

my 3120's battery lasts for 2 days with heavy use.. taking pictures and listening to music for hours.. shorter than my old 6233 that can last for 3 days..

  • fatso

Sgsiao, 12 May 2008i just own it, the phone is good but battery flat very fast... moreI agree with you Sgsiao - battery life is very short and it takes a long time to charge. I have had my 3120 for 4 days and with not much use I have had to recharge twice. I will probably need to get the CA-100 USB charger so that I keep the battery charged.
I have tried to look for a s/w update on the Nokia site but I couldn't find anything. My current S/W is dated Feb 08.

This is annoying as I want to use the music player when on the move but I am concerned that my battery will be flat after a few hours of use.
It would be impossible for my 3120 to last 290hrs in standby - 96 hrs would be more realistic and I have my doubts about the talk time as lasting 3hrs.

Is this a known issue for the 3120?

  • vin's group

it's a very good phone i was very liket.................... i

  • Zen

Anonymous, 15 Jun doesn't get hot if you would just use it for a couple ... moreWell, thats good news, thanks. It is always way better having even QCIF at 25 fps than VGA at 15 fps.
If we just may use its flash as a torch, it might have been perfect midrange phone.

GSM Arena, review please.


  • VAMP

I just want to ask for his real battery live.
Can this phone last more than 3-4 days with normal use? 10x in advance

  • Anonymous

the music player is good and it supports album art..

  • Anonymous

Zen, 13 Jun 2008For the owners: 1. Does it get hot while talking more th... doesn't get hot if you would just use it for a couple of minutes, but it does get hot when used as a modem for more than 3 hours..
2. the sound quality when calling is good...
3. the casing is made of plastic just like 3110c.. but it feels solid when you hold it
4. video recording is 25fps.. but CIF resolution only (352x288).. sound of videos taken are louder than videos taken wwith 6233.. i had a 6233 before i bought this phone..

  • ybsalim

Hi there,
I already used this phone for more than a month. So for i had no face any problems. The phone is preety good, functions wise it similar with the 6300 but this phone add on with 3g. Only one thing I want to comment is the phone casing i.e. the casing is not fixed firmed to the body.

  • Fajar

I have one little question,, is java application are multitasking?? or can java application can be minimize to use another application?? thanx b4.. And sorry if my english poor..

  • steff

konak, 11 Jun 2008hi steff, did u sure that it sound quality's ok?? i've plan... moreTo Konak.. the speaker is loud.. but sound quality using earphones are not better than express music series

  • gene

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970nokia 3120

  • meroo

Tutti Frutti, 12 Jun 2008I am from Egypt&bought this excellent phone in black/graphi... moreI want to buy it I'm from Egypt too ho is it's camera,thanks

  • Zen

For the owners:

1. Does it get hot while talking more than 5-10 minutes, like 6300, 6120c, e51.. or not?

2. How's the earpiece volume, is it comparable to one in 3110 classic (which was awesome), is it better or worse?

3. Can we use it's flash as a torch?

4. Is it sturdy like 3110c, or not? The overall impression?

5. Can someone confirm that it's capable of recording videos in 25 fps (unlike 6233's 15 fps)?

Thanks in advance.

  • Gab

Hey... It is a good phone?

  • Anonymous

if you cannot put the wrist strap on the phone then you should not be using mobile phones, please return to the store of purchase asap.

  • Tutti Frutti

I am from Egypt&bought this excellent phone in black/graphite.By the way it is made in China&I hope it will b ok.All my previous Nokia phones were made in either Finland or Hungary Enjoy it

  • Miss Hide

We've just get it today at our store! The phone is really great, The 3G support, the LED flash, the 1000mA battery,everything on that phone makes it really handy and usable. Its thin and fits in every pocket ;) And the price here (BG) is fair, not much for all these specs at all! People, buy it! It's the perfect phone! Remindes me 'bout the old 3110 classic, but a bit STRONGER as parameters ;)))) Buy, buy, buy! Oh, tumbs up! X))))

  • Anonymous

telco data dept., 03 Jun 2008What's the OS ?...OS = Operating system

  • konak

hi steff, did u sure that it sound quality's ok?? i've plan to buy too, maybe at roxy or ITC Fatmawati.

  • Miranda

I Bought it ystrday..Great phone!! Guess what? It can accomodate 8Gb MicroSD.. Wonderfullll..