Nokia 3200

Nokia 3200

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  • Anonymous

i forgot to mention that the keybad looks some strange. and i think it would be some difficult to use specially for games. i dont know how do they make this phone for teenagers and they make its keybad difficult for playing games!! some friends used it and they say that the keybad is fine. but i didnt use it and i think it wouldnt be easy for action games....god knows :)

  • Anonymous

this pic. on site is not good. this phone has another good covers. i know the phones design is not so good. but its not that bad as in the pic. i saw the real phone and it looks fine. any wayz it has got alot of the new features with a good price. one of the good phones. not the best yet....

  • kwame asuo

this phone is very good in all conditions

  • Anonymous

never be nokia ugly

  • Anonymous

nokia copy the funtion from ot735...shame who buy 3200. alcatel is much more user friendly and more funtion to. 3200 is like a toy

  • Anonymous

hey nokias...wassup dude,u think that 3200 is superb? ALCATEL 735 is so much interesting than this try to compete alcatel with this 3200?? its has the same funtions of alcatel 735,see for yuor self! 735 cam is much more can make animation,record sound while taking pic,5 colour moods...and the most importance is the ZOOM funtion!! 3200 screen also smaller than 735..u buy it(3200) and u will sad about it....go f#*& with nokia

  • liuchuan

nokia 3200 is wonderfull

  • minaz

Nokia rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Riwan

3200 is the best for me

  • matt

does ne1 know how many txt messages this phone can store? 30? i want 2 know b4 i get it.... ne1 help me plz!! thanxs

  • buRpee

I got one and loved the features. keypad's a bit discomfort at first but will get along soon afterwards. yeah love it.

  • Lisa

grrrr now im confused!! my contract is up at the end of march, i had a 3510i( nice phone too many probs) now ive got too much choice as to what phone i get next, i like the 3200 but it doesnt have a very big memory, i txt loads so wud this phone be the one for me or do i go for the 7210?? please HELPPPPPPPPP!

  • zaza


  • speedline

this is such a cool phn.its got so much useful features n it's affordable.i bought it last month n i enjoyed it so used2the keypad really quick,it's not as bad as some ppl think,u hv got2own1 n try it out 4urself b4 commenting bout it.those who want2hv a feature packed phn n not want2spend2much then this the phn2buy REALLY!

  • Jo P

I have this 3200 for a month now after trading in my 3350.a week after having it the phn switches off by itself during calls&standby which is so frustrating.the back cover is a little loose n squeaky.the keypad is also loose,the image editor doesn't work well,after editing the images or graphics n later saving it the pictures look blur(are all 3200's like that?),those are the problems but i really like this phn coz the feature set is very complete&the price is juz right.

  • Anonymous

i love it and im gunna buy it!

  • Dave

I have a Nokia 3200. But personally I prefer the Nokia 3100 =)

  • Jeff

Keypad worse!! Can it improve?

  • Anonymous

Ive got it and ilove it,the keypad takes some getting use to 4 sms,but that can be achieved in about a day, lovey features,great price. battery life really good,iget bot five days with regular use!!!

  • valiant

i just got it and everything on it works well i really like it and for those who say its not sofisticated enough everything on it is changable im a business mand so i put my company logo on it by printing it off the computer its a great phone