Nokia 3200

Nokia 3200

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  • Roy Adams

I like with this phone actually the feature but I dont like & very hate with the design. u know why?? bcause i think the design is to bad for Nokia, too bad man...

  • holla back

yeah it a bro ay!

  • J.D.Patel,

i want to contct my phone with my computer with date
can u give me any software wich use my usb data cable?

  • Anonymous

Do any other Nokia phone panels(covers) fit this phone? Coz the phone seems good but it really looks awfull.


nokia doesn"t know to make 65k(65.000) screens?

  • Marlene Birch

I paid a total of $237.04 after taxes and all. That was full retail because I have go phone.

  • Marlene Birch

I'm back. I just read all the other responses. I imagine this area is for people who own the phone, those of you who are judging it byt this picture are ignorant. Until you hold it and use it you cant say shit about the buttons. They actually are more comfortable and I like them. As for the design, duh, dumb asses. This is not the origional design. This is a tight ass phone and it comes with other tight ass backgrounds. So know what your talking about. How the fuck is a phone childish anywhay. Thats some dumb shit. Its fun, new and tight as hell. And yes maybe it is for teens. I dont want some plain ass grey and black ohone anyway, I am a college student. I want something that people will say, Oh shit, thats tight. I want something different. So this phone is ice cold. If you dont like it kiss by natuarly brown behind.

  • Marlene Birch

I absolutely love this phone. I just got it and before this I had a Nokia 8390. Anything is better than that peice of crap. Anyway, the 3200 is excellent. Besides all the new features that I didnt have, I appreciate little things like 4-way scroll navigation, the screensaver, the wallpapers, color schemes and stuff like that. Above all, even above the camera (I love being able to put a picture to each caller), I love that I can set any recording as my ringtone. Even just something I said, or my favorite song. Its a great phone with awsome features.

  • RJ

I m planning to buy 3200 & need some more info.3200 has great features at a very competitive price but the design is awful. Does it have built in FM radio and how is the camera resolution. It costs arounf US$260 here. Let me know.

  • Lancer

Yo Yo Yo u guys out there who r using this fone pls pls help me out.I'm gona own this fone next week. just wana know where can i print out thos cut out covers?? i'm been serching over n over that stupid nokia website but i still cant find it. pls pls help meeeeee.

  • nutch

poor keypad layout, poor screen resolution for a camera phone, patchy build quality, feels cheap, but for anyone seeking for an entry-level camera phone, this is the one to choose.

  • nv

my e365 does not show location(cell brodcast) i asked my provider he said the phone does not support this feature but i have this feature in my phone(service) i have switched it on but still it do not work.can any one tell me any secret code to open this feature.

  • thomas beddow

this fone is the gretest nokia so far for the price it is great

  • joroslav

NO,Alvin,the set includes neither driver&PC Suite 5.64 Cd,nor even headset,but it's worth it!!! I've got one and,in my opinion,it's one of the best phones ever made!So don't hesitate,buy it!

  • Alvin

I want to buy this phone, but do it include the driver&Pc suite 5.64 CD ROM?
please answer. and the DKU-5, do it works?

  • CtR

Dudes this phone is awsome!!! You that do not have it don't say a thing. The keeypad is fantastic. It is easier than in other fone. I have this phone and it didn't showed a bug. It's futures are remarkable(edge-radio-camera-flashlight-photopho­nebook-voice recorder and many other) The only minus is the memory but for a mobile phone it is more than enough.

  • nokia

nokia3200 with camara price:9000/-

  • nokia

nokia3200 with camara price:9000/-

  • Anonymous

You ignorant folks do not know much about this phone at all!Esp those who do not have or do not want to buy the phone, what are u doing here?And for those who din even touch the phone, u can tell by seeing whether they say-"How do you type smses, mummy?"The keypad is simply fantastic, easier to press than any others and mind you, it DOES have an auto key guard.Fantastic phone for low budget.

  • petka

good phone