Nokia 3200

Nokia 3200

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  • jaemee

here in the philippines it arnd 13,000 PhP-cheapest (that's abt 241.00 USD). The features are like my fone 7250i but less memory and I agree with most people here...the design is so childish.


This is a very nice phone when we talk about mobile phone features but when it comes to design this is not so good. The manufacturer of this phone is violating/destroying the standard keypad. I hope that this can be revised by changing the keypad design. It is much better if the keypad of the phone is like the keypad of 6230.

  • Marcis

Nice phone for Teenagers!

  • Naeem Farooqui

I m from Pakistan i buy that Cell but haven't got any CD (software) ear set (hand free) how i use data cabel if i have the data cabel of 6100 is it work if yes than what software support that plzz reply me soon i but that cell 14,000 pak rupes that is 250US$

  • desein

nokia with camera with FM radio& 1 mb memory price 10,000/-

  • Anonymous

cheap,ugly childish design....not sofisticated enough...a disappointment in Nokia.

  • paula

give me the price list of all the new phones of nokia if i buy it with the prepaid kit.

  • Parker

can u please tell me what the price is of the Nokia 3200 in singapore or malaysia it would help alot thax

  • sheeno

nokia i think you want to go under the kind of pants you keep producing YOU SUCK

  • Maical

I had a 3650, but it was stolen from me... - great phone ! i recomand to everybody to try 3650, 3660 or 6600 !( Nokia n-gage is also an outstanding phone, but no camera there, just gaming and symbian ) they are absolutely great phones! i am now wanting to buy a 3200 because it's cheap..., i don;t want to spend much money on a phone again... Is it worth it? does it have the radio handset in the box? or will i have to buy it separatly?

  • cool

great fone worth gettin one

  • Domi

Here in Thailand its price is 10400 baht (260 USD). Quite cheap because that is the same price i paid last year for a 6510 (very good phone by the way) with no colour screen and no camera. I guess next year for the same price the phone will have a built in TV :-)
But at the moment i am waiting for the 6230 to come early next year to up-grade my phone.

  • omani

the price was OMAN is:263$
NOW is:200$

it's very cheap???
by other opinion's

  • alrasby

this is the goodest phone for me.
but i don't have a the money for buying it can any one give me it for free.

i see it a dream.

  • confused

I like this phone but the price for 3 series nokia models always fall very fast. I bought this phone at $498 without line contract less than a month and I just found out some shop is selling at $408. As I have owned one, I think the problem should be the keypad and also small memory space, other than it's ok. I assume the price will go down further, next time I may not go for 3 series phone again-no resale values. Thanks for reading.

  • nokia kicks

To all those people out there who reckon that the design and the keypad is crap on the 3200, u suck. The phone is great. The camera qulity is arsome and the ringtones are great. The hole phone is great come to think of it. The only problem is the 1MB of space which is k because u can still store up to 150 pictures from ur camera. Once again the phone is wicked and u all suck if u reckon it is crap. well done Nokia, great phone.

  • luka

u are just seein the picture that is inserted into the cover. dun like it!? go make one urself!

  • Xiau

very... good i like it.

  • me

looks ugly thats why its so cheap cos no one will pay decent money for it

  • Abba

Cheap..& Who care about ugly!!