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Nokia 3200

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  • Anonymous


  • dunno

iv just got dis fone, its got more features than the 7250i like my mates got like the torch and cut out covers. BUT WHYS IT SOO CHEAP? i agree with everyone aout the buttons too. As well as looking crap, they have a kinda wall round the edge and are sunk in at the middle. This makes them feel really cheap and tacky! you need a cover with a different keypad design! Also when you buy this phone, its totally useless because unlike the 7250i in the box all u get is: phone, battery, charger. Wheres the radio headset?? you cant even listen to loudspeaker without it!! also unlike the GX10i it doednt come with any sort of PC software or PC cxonnection USB lead? A bit of a let down for nokia but ill forgive them because they have the best looks apart from the keys and fetures. They are also much easier to use and especially when compared with siemens.

  • Nokia User

I bought this phone and found that the color display are better than 7250i and also have more functions: picture phonebook, flashlight, picture editor, voice recording, etc...... value for money. The only problem is the small memory space of 1 MB, otherwise it's a very good phone. I like it very much-something different from others.

  • mallet player

3200 is a nice phone..consisting of functions like has voice recorder which is a gd is not costly if you're not fussy then you should try this's awesome !!!

  • Anonymous

the keys are froma ThomsonTV's remote controler--:)

  • Tyee

Can U change the background of the keys???(For exmp. :black )??

  • hamad


  • Anonymous

4096 colors in the screen?!! they must be joking. a 65k screen would have been nice. Nokia is behind the times with this phone. Not only does the design look amature, but the keypad is raised such that you will dial numbers while it's in your pocket. An automatic key-lock could fix this, but last time i checked, nokia only has manual keylock. what a jip! Get SonyEricsson, they are more stylish and don't sacrifice quality for the price.

  • SE

The setback of this phone is the memory. It has only 1MB shared memory, less than T610. When I use T610 with 2MB space and it's already too small space. I don't understand why 7250/7250i can have 5.5MB and why not to this model. Regards.

  • jos mathew

Nokia 3200 has almost all the features of a Nokia 7250i
Which means the same features at a LOWER PRICE!!!
The phone has a camera and it has transparent covers with sheet inside to change the looks
OK this again has edge technology. before 3G this one will be the inthing. Ir eally understand taht 3 series is looked at as a cheap phone but its VALUE FOR MONEY

  • John

This is to all you shitheads who are saying this phone looks ugly; this is just one picture of the phone and you cannot judge it by this picture. It has cut out covers so the cover in this picture is just one of three that come with it. Now, go check out the other pictures of the phone and covers at the Nokia website and then come back and say it's ugly.

  • Cezar

Io! romania the phone is just 295$ in the black market... great phone for his price...u can personilise it a lot!!.. i like it..

  • cute

It is a great phone! I want to have it. But, when will it be in Indonesia? And, how about the price?

  • Donnice

I just want to know the proce of the phone and ya'll not giving it to me. It look like a great phone but I need to know the price before I even get anything. Also I would like it to be prepaid.

  • diamondus

You're actually wrong. Alcatel 735 easily beats both.

  • Gogo

Features include "all you need" at a very affordable price. Only competitor with comparable features & price this Christmas is Siemens MC60.

  • Late

Inspiring to see that Nokia lets the user design the look and feel of a handset. Well done!

  • Anonymous

oh god.....!!!!!!!

not the same data

  • Anonymous

Nokia sucks now.

  • Dan

I am yet to see the mobile in real life but what I can see in the picture it is bloody ugly