Nokia 3300

Nokia 3300

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  • Anonymous

basically all i got to say is that this as a good fone but nokia have got to get new ideas. this looks similar to the n-gage

  • Olumuyiwa Bamigboye

This is simply terrific

  • g dogg

wat da hell is rong wit nokia. that thing is NOT, i repeat not, a phone. the ultimate purpose of a phine is to call and to receive calls. games and messaging are a nice addition but this bullshit wit email and internet and the other gadgets is annoying. i have a sony ericsson t200 and am totally satisfied. how can you people like this shit?

  • Anonymous

Nokia is so stupid with this sort of products.

  • Jakov

No man,it looks cool,new exciting,it is like all nokias-pop-port,radio,128x128 screen,but it also has music built in.Cool-memory forewer(68.5mb)

  • Tung

Hey, guys....What f..king that....
It's not A PHONE...It's an GAMEBOY in worth way...
It's suck....I think Nokia must stopping bugging us with these news gadgets....
If I want a video games, i will BUY a GAMEBOY ADVANCED, not a NOKIA ....
It's the END Of NOKIA now....

  • bobbo

this is basically like a nokia-n-gage but a phone it looks like crap because its too freakin bulky! I wouldnt buy this, but I dont mind that mp3. And pink out of all colors they chose the panziest color! I dont want none of you fools that cant speak english to post a letter here, because you confuse all of us u damn foreigners!

  • koko10un

nokia take the music to co0o0o0ol way > packed with music features like an mp3 - fm - and digital recorder......

waaaw i like thes (3300) and is available in 2nd half of 2003 (jun)

koko10un :)