Nokia 3300

Nokia 3300

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  • Anonymous

I designed this phone,or atleast its bigger part,so please would you first try to use it and then give coments.

  • g dogg

as matter of fact i 'ave a T200. good guess, now wuz ur point? ok i give in, people do want more from their fones, BUT, the 3300 is an exagerated piece of human waste. itz easy just to put in a whole bunch of gadgets into a small plastique container but the fone has to be made out of true feeling. i tell u dude they are forcing it. jus like the samsung T100, it looks great has some nice features but iz a complete failure.

  • Agus Tjipto Hadi

I like!!!

  • ....

its greattttttt!!!!

  • mahal

nokia 3300 is one whole of a corny cell!! it is very nonesense!! nokia sucks!!!

  • dj g

elvir, u sed " is tryin 2 b different.." right? well they can b. but not wit dat gameboy/brik/piece of colord shit wit some keys on it. think man! if it is askin too much of u. i mean cumon look @ samsung, they got their own style there different but in a good way.

  • Elvir

Why don't you like this phone?
At least Nokia is trying to be different from the others... this phone si great. This will be my next phone, of course with affordable price.

  • Mike

Talk about UGLY phones!!! Disgusting!!!

  • Dony

Nokia 3300 is great! i like this phone. i think many people same with me.

  • mike

isnt there any other phone smaller than the 3300 but has the same futures cause the 3300's futures is amazing.

  • Anonymous

game over nokia!

  • PreviousNokiaUser

What the hell is this? GameBoy!!! NOKIA is getting behind!!! It's time for change, try something new guys!!!


Roach wrote: Even if it were pink, I can see many girls liking that. Also, there are other colors available.

Menny girls like that?? i don't think so.Don't get me wrong are you a girl? Roach.Seems not but you acting like a girl HaHa.

What the hell is this for a fuck phone from Nokia.Its so ugly that people run away to SE phones.

What i can say about you iss,that you stuck with Nokia shit like always you do.

  • provoc

and goes another nokia creatures...

  • HHH

What the fuck is this???!!!A GAME BOY? A CD PLAYER???If nokia dont stop on releasing this stupid looking phone i will buy no longer Nokia phones.Stop whit this shit man.This aint no phone.

  • Roach

@Tung & THE DON: it's not a gaming platform like N-Gage, it's a music platform
@bobbo: it's orange, not pink. Even if it were pink, I can see many girls liking that. Also, there are other colors available.
@ g dogg: Open your mind I'd say... I mean, these are the times where people want more from their communication devices than just calling or texting. Are you also this negative about PDA's? Anyway, do you have a modern T200 or an old 1610?
@noels: whatever...

  • bello ibrahim

i cant wait to get this phone

  • noels

nokia is getting DUMB every day !!!! lose its mind coz da panasonic and siemens are far better than tiz scandinavian stupid style!!!!!!!!!


Hey, i just noticed something it doesent have bluetooth! that means no wireless 2 player apart from infared which is crap!

  • g dogg

wat da hell is rong wit nokia. that thing is NOT, i repeat not, a phone. the ultimate purpose of a phine is to call and to receive calls. games and messaging are a nice addition but this bullshit wit email and internet and the other gadgets is annoying. i have a Nokia 1610 and am totally satisfied. how can you people like this shit?