Nokia 3300

Nokia 3300

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  • cm

well done nokia u have donewonders on this 4ne

  • Romaric SIA

Hi all the staff of, i'm a student and i really like Nokia fones. I'd like you to tell me where i can get the Nokia 3300 price.
Thank you.

  • jaxxsan

I have a question; How do you store the mp3 files. Should you convert the mp3 files to AAC format like with the 5510, or is it possible to store the mp3 files without converting them??


  • Neda

i think this phone is intresthing but working with this is hard for ordinary poeple.

  • palmfrek

It's not that bad!Although I'd prefere an N-Gage, which is not so good,it's a good sell-phone.The N-Gage is not the copetetion that Nintendo was expecting.Nintendo's answer was the GBsp.Nokia think's she rule the phone indesry.But she's wrong, she has many components that are prefered by many. The 3300 is not exactly what many expected.Personally I demand more things for so mush money.Like maybe a digital, external camera specially desined for the 3300, voice commands, dial and memos ,bluetooth and a high resolution screen.
Sincerly yours,

  • michael


  • Zoran

I don't know why some people hate Nokia so much....I have a sony ericsson T68i and I would personaly want more to have a nokia like 6100 (which is in the same rank as T68i)....To me Nokia makes the best designs....I know that nokia comes out with new phones every other week but I don't have anything against it cause then it gives you more choices to chose from when buying a phone unlike sony ericsson that only has a dozen phones which are already getting off the market....I just don't get it why people talk crap about nokia when they don't even own a nokia phone....

  • Nokia Fan

this is not a big phone, go see the live pictures of the phone before you talk about it. Besides, it come with a memory card. It's not a game console, and it's not designed for games like the N-Gage. It's a series 40 phone not 60. It's for hearing Mp3 music, or hearing music in general and storing them in the MMC card.

  • nuri

i like it, when this phone will come 2 indonesia????

  • Anonymous

Youre not likely to lose this phone! its so big and heavy youre more likely to lose your pants if you had it in your pocket!

  • wee

how much for this one? i like it

  • Ronny

Oh my god... I would rather buy Playstation than this 3300 if i would play games...

  • Anonymous

This phone is made for music playing.Gameboy and n-gage are made for gaming.Don't confuse the devices please!

  • Anonymous

stupid...trying to copy gameboy. Nokia is absolutely clueless now!!!

  • H4H4

Im sorry,that is very good phone.

  • H4H4

this fone is a disaster for nokia, i have the 8910 and 8910i but that fi=one even fuk expensive it e\was still ok , but this "tampon" shaped fone is a disater for nokia for sure!!!!!!!

  • Prem

Hai there,
I'm completly satisfied with the product.

  • Dhimas Sheva

Dear Seeler,...

I'm very interesting about Nokia 3300. The models very futuristic. Can I buy that. Please, give me information about that. Thanks before.


  • m3mek

to all those paranoids out there...plz try b4 u gif any comments~...

  • inflames

i will never think that nokia sucks.. come on they are the biggest phone company in the world.. but this 'phone' is rather complicated.. mp3? games? phone? targets those youths who want to play lots of games with proper gaming keypads rather than a normal phone keypad