Nokia 3300

Nokia 3300

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  • greysser

I like this phone. Just right for me. Even though there in no camera, I still like it. Like the mp3 player. A real good phone for us sosyal and trend setters. I dont recommend this phone to the jologs, longkatuts, bishops, bai and dai. I will only ruin the phone.

  • Tudor

OK the nokia 3300 is cool but n-gage is cooler. But i have a question : if I whant a cell phone which is color,has a camera , bluetooth,infrared,wap,gprs,is kinda small an cool like designe. please right back a.s.a.p . Thanks

  • Shapes

Funky is a cool phone but the design stinks looks like something out of the old Nintendo games.

  • Jakov

I think it is gr8.When you see it in real life it looks soo small.It is as big as nokia 3410,but it looks like it it is as big as 6100.Screen is gr8.Like on 7250,but bigger.Poly-s are gr8,but you do not need them becouse you can use any sound(mp3) for ringtone!Imagine that.Speakerphone is loud and clear.When you listen to the music through it,it realy sounds good.You can record up to 2 hours of AAC,just plug the cable(supplied)into PC an in the phone,and record!MMS,Java,and those things are included.But my complain is considering stereo headset.It is loud,clear,with good bass,but when you listen to the music more than 2 hours it will get out of the pop-port of the phone.Too bad.That is not an issue,but it iritates.

  • ken

i love this 4ne because it supports the mp3 and aac files ... but can it take photo ... this is only one cause that i don't buy this 4ne yet

some1 else help me

  • Phone@expert.u

Dont buy this phone unless u have a serious mental problem.look at it man dorky and looks like a pancake.Go for samsung or motorola,better realibility and function

  • indo-freakzz

only 6oo us$ recently sold in indonesia!!!

  • n23

which one is better 3300 or the N-GAGE!!!! answer me a.s.a.p!!

  • no-money!!

is 3300 can use the game from n-gage!!!

  • Neo

Hey everybody, whats this?? another "new" nokia fone?? surely not a whole new software program??? doubt it. is it me or is this that mp3 brick with a colour screen and a fucked up ketpad?? who walkin god's green earth would actually take it out to make a fone call in public?? try and be descreet with dat fuck me u mite aswell wear a banner
thats all i have to say

  • sridhar

Looks good but carrying it will be a big problem

  • gunadi purwo utomo

Nokia 3300 formed handphone that very very good, was suitable for the young child who wanted to appear trendy with a lot of menus phone that was owned by handphone nokia 3300

  • Justin Brown


When will the Nokia 3300 be available in Australia??


  • Marius

Haha looks nice , too bad it doesn't have a full keyboard like my 5510 . Anyway looks like a good replacement for my 5510 and I hope I'll be albe to get this one for 90 $ as well :) . Wouldn't pay more for ..... 500 $ , well good joke Nokia , thats how much the 5510 cost at first .

  • Steve

Great fun and good quality. Somewhat complicated to set up for MMS and EWAP. Number/Letter keys too small.

  • Anonymous

Truetone is nice, but its too damn soft.. much softer than many phone's polyphonic out there.. even this phone's polyphonic is soft!...
The hell?!?...

Keypad too damn small and impossible to type.. too damn close to each other..

  • rick

i am located in singapore. selling brand new local sets at $588.

  • Anonymous

it looks like a Game Boy Advance..

  • gayus

this is a sophisticated stuff,34 languages available means can use around the world.I intent to have it.

  • Anonymous

I bought yesterday and its the bom. Nice phone and not as big as it seams like. The features and performances are great, all the people who talked like shit about Nokia, screw you all! Nokia did a great job.