Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

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  • summersnow

this was my first handphone!
i like it very much!!!

i still using it eventhogh i own a new handphone

  • ian

i own this phone.i love this phone!it's just nice coz its features are just simple and easy to use!

  • dusan

wery good

  • dimas

i'm using Nokia 3310. it's quite compact, but da battery is sucks. low bat all da time.

  • M.S.Naimi

we would like to of your customers and we would like to buy 500 gsm's pieces weekly.
And how can conatct you.

Ribesstraat 22
1783 CB Den Helder

  • Sumegh

I own Nokia 3310. It has excelent features with a small price. But the company has stopped manufacturing it. Even some 3310's lovers asked me to sell my used h'set at the price of 4500/-

  • Navinan

i like this phone very much,practical and nice.Not that dork,specs meets my personality.Final bit,its a cool phone .

  • bazz

To my mind is one of the worst mobile phones I have had one, now have siemens c45 it's much better...:)

  • Tauriq Safodien

I feel that this is one of the worst Nokia's on the Market...the battery life is pathetic and the software is not very stable....This is the only Nokia that i do not like. I must say the features on the phone is not bad if only the phone could be more Stable...

  • Nokia User

Simple to use, cheap but very good phone. sms very user friendly and ringing set to bee is the loudest among nokia phone. DURABILITY, QUALITY, RELIABILITY-NOKIA 3310.


I will like to make an order for some Nokia 3310 of about 30 quantity,and i will like you to give your order form on net,so that i can book for my order.

  • toyin

i like's durable.
it is strong.

  • Arthur

It is the best phone I ever had. But I only have Bosh 607, Nokia3210 and Nokia 3310.Ha ha ha. Thats not very funny.

  • ayo

1.What i know about 3310 is the must rogged nokia phone 2.And the must popular nokia phone in the world 3.It is not get wap

  • ayo

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  • Reza Seyf

som of information is not corect:
Dialed calls = 20
Received calls = 10
Missed calls = 10
have nice time

  • mubeen

one of the most cheapest mobiles... i think its better to go for a motorola then nokia !!!!!!!!! motorola due to its external antenna has great reception and very kewl talk time !!!

  • malek

yel3an abookon 3ala hal mobile.

in english..

i love nokia but i hate 3310

but if you give me a new one

i'll be very happy from nokia company.

plz i want to change my phone plz plz plz

i'll distroy my 3310 cuz fuck 3310.

i want 3309.30298423 plz plllllzzz

  • malek

i have one

  • Dr.Octupus

Simply this is a phone for poor ugly people, who do not know what is to posses a Mobile phone!!!!!