Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

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  • mowaffak kurdi

can you send to me all info by nokia 3310

  • Alex Freestyler

ovo je najbolji mobisa sto puta bolji od svih

  • Dark Mark

Im gonna buty the fone in 5 days, I just mainly wanted to get my name here, kewl, seems to b a pretty good fone though, it would have to be for me to buy it spose, well im being boring now, so i'll stop

  • Konek Keras

Wuuuu .... nengok talipon ni konek pun naik tegang lerr ...

  • Aca Freestyler

Ovo je jebeno najbolji phone ali steta sto su mi ga uzeli!!!!

  • Auriux

I'm going to buy this phone, because I think that the design is one of the best of all mobile phones. 3310 cuold be a bit lighter (like C35 f.e.).

  • Sanch K

Although its a good phone, the 3330 is so much better. Please check out my site for a SNAKE guide.

  • j

i would just like to thank my fans, my record company, and my family for all the wonderful support they have given me over these last few months. I want to say a big thank you for all the fans who voted for me; it wouldn't have been possible without you. But most of all i want to thank god for giving me the strength to continue and for making this come true. Thank you, and goodnight.

  • Bassem Kamel

It's wonderful ,briliant mobile

  • sexy babe

this phone is WICKED man, it's the best phone i have ever set my eyes on. It is much better than any other phone ie. nokia 3210, 8210, 5110. It's even better than motorola, ericson, phillips etc. I luv u all


the nokia 3310 is great its just the right size and with a lithium battery its only 107 grams. i do think that
if the screensavers would move it would be nice. that said it has the most amazing games ever. i think that if tetris would have been added it would blow GameBoy away :)

  • shit

i thing nokia 3310 should have infraed port

  • Law 001

Phone is totaly fucked up - M35 is much better

  • Cesar

Great phone, awesome messaging capabilities. I also like the ringtone composer and the pic messages. Nice and cute.

  • RAUL


  • Vikram KN

I am not finding the manual for the cell phone anywhere.pls advice

  • Kawan kutu Nokia 800

Apa la gaduh2 pasal tipon nu pulak? Kalau memang takde langsung pun masih boleh pinjam kat Hulk Hogan Kantin tu ... hehe

  • ikaz

ade kutu cemburu bila teman dia pakai 3310 maka dia terus tukar siri 8000

  • sam


  • Ada la kutu tu!

Waa... sekarang ni kawan saya dah guna telefon jenis ni. Kira orait la. Dengar kata telefon dia lama yg Erricson dulu tu, INSTUN dah mintak, tak tau sebab apa. Ada yg kata sebab bas INSTUN problem... handbrek tak makan katanya.