Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

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  • charlene

Nice phone, just the right size - not too big and not too small. Awesome features, very innovative of nokia to think of them. The best cellphone to date!

  • reinhart

Great phone, although the quality of the speaker isn't too good. People on the other end sound as if they're in a cardboard box or something!

  • Erwin

The only bad thing about this phone is that it doesn't cook breakfast

  • J Lashen

I would not recommend this phone as the signal is very poor and if you do manage to make a call it cuts off half way through- it's because of Nokia's bad idea of having no external antenna.

  • phil

great phone except for the display " reconnect charger" when using slow charger. why is this so? Nokia guys I want some answers. ty

  • pstanway

great phone but how do you get the back off ?

  • gina

i think that tha nokia 3310 is the best one that nokia have come out with it's dark i go one and it is phat good features and everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dr ahmed mohamed

..its my phone !! iam happy with it .

  • bean scott

sweet as a nut

  • watto

i have a 3310, and i am impressed with it. I Think that the only improvement could be adding WAP, but as i do not need WAP now, the phone is perfect

  • Paul nelson

fucking sweet!!!!!!!

  • nicole

Great phone, nice features, the best buy.

  • Nick

This phone can do things all other nokias cant! (so far, anyway). All that new and cool technological innovations puts this phone in a class of its own. It's the coolest nokia there is.

  • difenbaker

Latest technology, awesome features, right size, long standby-time, lots of personalization options...what more can you ask for? It's the best.

  • Nigel

Simply the BEST nokia cellphone so far. I like its new and exciting features - like the long text messaging, the 7 ringtones storage, screensavers, chatting and multiple text message sending. The size is just about right too. It's the most feature-packed cellphone there is.

  • Leejo Aby Abraham

This Mobile is Extremly The Coooolest

  • khairi

how to erase own melody

  • predo

definitely one of the best nokia fons. i had the chance to swap (take note "swap") my old 7110 with this 33, and had no regrets at all. one thing,though, it takes much time from me playing the "space impact" than actually doing my thesis project :)

  • Andre

I really think the 3310 is a great phone.It compares very competively with the Siemens m 35i.

I beats the Siemens on battery life, design features, and it is just coooooolll.

  • mehmet