Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

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  • we

buy the 1100 model instead..

  • MaqubeX

The Nokia 3310 was the first phone I ever had.
And I used to call it "The Old Faithful" cause it was just so reliable and sturdy.
I think I had it for more than 8 years with me.
When I had gotten a new Samsung E500, I still kept the Nokia with me instead of throwing it away and soon enough, my Samsung malfunctioned and I had to revert back to my old faithful.
It's fantastic, it's simple, it's got everything yu need for a simple phone purpose, and it's cheap. What more could you ask for....

  • Anonymous

its good . i am die hard fan of nokia 3310 . its cost effective.who do not afford to buy costly mobiles can choose this

  • Dr. Tanshed Arafat

it as simpy heart rocking. I miss it so much.

  • goku

my 2nd phone and my 1st ever nokia phone back in the old days... i remember my college days with this phone the text messages and i mean a lots lots of text messages..

  • Lloyd Westerkamp

I really really like this phone,
it's very oldskool, and I had it back in the days on the blocks.
I always were a husler, and enough money to get this phone when it came out.
I had many numbers from chicks in this telly.

Peace out Bboy djano on the beat

  • qED

waxaxaxaxaax ce telefon nulea4iiii

  • swetapadma

great one, just like an ambassador car
toooo reliable.......

  • kirs, 04 Dec 2005It`s produced over 2000.000 units with 3330 It`s long life... moredont forget's DUAL SIM capable...!
i am not kidding. google it!

  • clauSS

Basic phone...but a GREAT one! I`ve got one in a great condition but it needs a new battery.

  • siva subramaniam

best fone

  • Anonymous

I remember those days, rivalry between Siemens and Nokia, great times, I miss it so much...
I was always a Siemens man (C25, M35, MT50, S65), but this was a great phone too...

It's a shame there's no more Siemens today and Nokia is alone at the top

  • gihan

good old phone...
i've had this once...

  • Anonymous

This phone is a beast back in it day my first ever phone :)The best thing about it was snake :D

  • Anonymous

my first phone...:X:X:X:X:X

  • Anonymous

this is the best phone it was a LEGEND

  • glavonja

just want to say this is the best phone ever...if you own it noone can't harm you...if you can't call the cops, at least you can hit someone in head with it :D


this is the best phone i take it let 2000 and still using can forget it

  • Lance Bedasie

This phone was a LEGEND in it's own time

  • eric87

this was my second phone. i still remember me saving money to buy it back in 2001 i think. it was 255 euros but when it was launched in 200was more than that. it was the best phone at those days, the ringstones and the picture messaging and games where to muxh fun. i still have it and still works but it have some problems with the battery. i have to make some paper between the battary to work. greatest phone back there. and still nokia phones are the best!!! :)