Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

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  • Anonymous

One of my first phones, THE BEST PHONE really! Nokia surely came up with this phone!

  • Ali Raza

Its a joke not a mobile phone i think the cave men had it once

  • Shameem

This was the Greatest phone make by Nokia. i used this phone 6 years back.

  • luciano

i had used this mobile only for 3yrs. now i have a new one and it is better than this

  • os_gunar

if this phone has 3G services....its a great phone....


grrrrreat phone cant break even if it is thrown on the floor i have experienced it

  • zardari and Musharaf

Great phone u can compare it with W910.But 3310 camera sharpness is high and Walkman of 3310 is ever great.

U must dont purchase it.thanks

Topak zama qanoon day

  • cellphonexp

this phone is a classic.

  • ESW

wow! all hail the best ever old skool nokia phone. i've only used it the first time very late though in 2007 for 2 years. i trade in with my crappy k800i 4 this from my college lecturer that time. the total age of the phone is 6 years old. then i just upgraded 2 the N82 a month ago and would notably be my largest leap of mobile phone upgrade ever. now the 3310 is left in my drawer waiting 2 be used again. LOL!

  • Anonymous

it`s my closest friend that u can rely on for life time :-)

  • Francis

this phone is very strong and durable. this is the strongest cp ever in the whole universe.

  • : )

I m now 8 years with it : )) and still working !!

  • D3vilgoD Sp3llbound

the set rockzzz!!!! the phone must continue!! 3310 rockzzz

  • net_boy

The best and strongest phone ever. I have it for about 6 years and still works with no problems. I must note that this phone sunk under water 2 times, and stay alive.

  • mini

my dad used this fone years ago wen it was released and its still working,and if my fone doesnt work i can always rely on this...3310 rox!!

  • sammy

hey joe, remember this phone you first asked me to get engaged on?

  • Scyther

This phone is a hammer-head... Can be used for various purposes..!!

1) Use it as Paper-weight
2) Use is a self-defence weapon.
3) Use it to wreck a house!!! (lol)
4) Use it to scare your Girlfriend away.
5) Or else just use it for calls..!!

  • mile

great phone, the best old phone. I had it 5-6 years ago, and that was wery good phone, I love it!!!

  • HIgHLY_caution89

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2009if u miss the phone there are bettr dildos in shops with better ... moreK wat 3310!!!gud phone.

  • Jerry

I love it, and even today it's the best phone out there. I have a smartphone too, but believe me, I don't like it as much as I like my Nokia 3310. There is no better mobile phone for making and recieving calls and SMS's. And that's all we need actually, other stuff like cameras, mp3 players and so on is a great thing, but why should it be in my phone? They should be a separate units as it realy is. Cheers, Nokia fans!