Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

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  • marvie

its a nice phone actually. I never regret buying this one.

  • sigbin_wafu

nice classic phone...still rank the best for sending sms message...i can still see one using it...sturdy and simple...

  • Anonymous

first phone i used way back in 00-01, i still have it & its still going strong, best cell ever made, nokia should relaunch it rather than making the foolish sets that they produce now & should stop taking its customers for granted

  • Pubudu

This is the best phone ever invented in Mobile Phone's history......

  • lulu

the most fantastic fone ever invented, really reliable. i had one a while back and was really impressed.

  • soona

hahaha we used to call it in egypt :
the people's phone! :D

  • Haider

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2009Has anyone used this phone before???? KYes..................i used to have

  • Anonymous

Has anyone used this phone before???? K

  • Anonymous

Really the bessst phone everrrr! It rocks man! Nokia owes its popularity to this fone!

  • Anonymous

One of my first phones, THE BEST PHONE really! Nokia surely came up with this phone!

  • Ali Raza

Its a joke not a mobile phone i think the cave men had it once

  • Shameem

This was the Greatest phone make by Nokia. i used this phone 6 years back.

  • luciano

i had used this mobile only for 3yrs. now i have a new one and it is better than this

  • os_gunar

if this phone has 3G services....its a great phone....


grrrrreat phone cant break even if it is thrown on the floor i have experienced it

  • zardari and Musharaf

Great phone u can compare it with W910.But 3310 camera sharpness is high and Walkman of 3310 is ever great.

U must dont purchase it.thanks

Topak zama qanoon day

  • cellphonexp

this phone is a classic.

  • ESW

wow! all hail the best ever old skool nokia phone. i've only used it the first time very late though in 2007 for 2 years. i trade in with my crappy k800i 4 this from my college lecturer that time. the total age of the phone is 6 years old. then i just upgraded 2 the N82 a month ago and would notably be my largest leap of mobile phone upgrade ever. now the 3310 is left in my drawer waiting 2 be used again. LOL!

  • Anonymous

it`s my closest friend that u can rely on for life time :-)

  • Francis

this phone is very strong and durable. this is the strongest cp ever in the whole universe.