Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

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  • tormene

The Nokia 3310 is one of the best or the best phone made by nokia. My mum has had one for 7yrs now. I need help I want to buy another one.

  • Anonymous

What a phone!! Me and my mates would hang out when in high school n just play on snake to see who could get top score

  • Anonymous

Had this phone for over 6yrs. I've dropped it many times,and it keeps on working. Although this is a no non-sense phone, I personally like it. I only need a phone to talk on, not take pictures, and all the other garbage that companies try to sell us.
What I also like aboput it is it's size. It's easy for me to hold (big hands). I have tried holding those flip phones, only to drop them, or push some buttons that are on the side.

  • mdz

the legendary it very much..bought in 2002 and still using it as my 2nd phone..

  • Kelly

I had this phone for 3 years (2001 onwards) and my partner had it for 5! He only upgraded to cope with 3G!

I got the phone when I was in highschool- every kid had this. My parents made me wait til I was 15 to get a phone, and it felt like so long. I was so annoyed when my sis (4 years younger) got one off my dad the week after me! :O

Sucks being the eldest- you are the test kid. Mobiles were new then, and my parents mustn't have trusted them... >.>

  • Anonymous

I truly support all of this comment... cause i aslo throw this phone about 100time before XD and i have throwed into the washing machinece before... Haha... 3310 I'm loving It...

  • stelios

That was my second mobile.I bought it at 2001 and it's still working!!!water,beer and falls were not problem!!!!

  • Ubo

The LEGEND From nokia,.... in indonesia it called "HP Sejuta umat"

  • freedz

3310 fan, 04 Jan 2009truely legendary.this is my first mobile phone n i bought it on ... morebought the 3310 in 2003. Still using it till now. Super handphone!

  • 3310 fan

truely legendary.this is my first mobile phone n i bought it on september 2001...well till now no problem...thumbs up 2 the man who designed it...


i was use tiz type fon ,.,, it realy realy realy very gud n the more best fon,, i was throw more 60times but ,tiz fon stil can use , realy marvelos.thank u 3310.

  • wink2

i love its cam and bluetooth connection...hikhik

  • oldschool

You can never beat the legend...

  • Anonymous

Still using this since 2002. I'm so retro!

  • Wayne

legendary was my first phone...and it was just awesome!!!

  • boybawang

The 5MP camera takes decent photos and videorecording better than N95. good video playback with DivX and web browsing with Opera 9.5 is smoother than the iPhone.
My only complain is the touchscreen has no multi touch. Guys where can i buy a stylus for this because I lost mine.

  • Anonymous

Incredible battery life and SURVIVE a (more than once) 10 m (30 feet) fall and a bus that run over it (i droped it accidentaly :) ) it's one of the best!

  • Rawat

nokia 3310 "one of one"

  • (FRED)

i was a trucking all the way to alice springs last year when adelaide had it longest an hottest heat wave of 38c for 13 days an the good old 3310 never let me down once in all that heat.i have just bought a new battery for the first time in 7 years not bad.a..i dont know what all the crase is about with all these down loaded ring tones..being in the cab with the engine running at 5000 revs plus.the message assending still beats all the new ring tones.have a beaut day.a

  • sean_dude

BEST PHONE EVER, This unit can stand up to the test of time!!!