Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

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  • Anonymous

it was an amazing phone

  • Anonymous

Old and outdated so how can you peole comment that it is so great. It was ok in it's day. my wife had one for a few months and it packed up for no reason.

  • mannyb

1 of the greatest phones ever built! mine has been to hell and back lol for almost 6 years! droped countless times, dropped in puddle of dirty water once, dried it up and turned back on! i was very very impressed since i have owned many new phones from sidekick 2 & 3, (3) tmobile dashs' (piece of crap fragile screen), tmobile shadow, moto rizr (good phone), nokia n95, (2) bb pearls, sony ericsson p990i, and k790a (good SE phone by the way) just to name a few, but none of these compare to the durabilty of the 3310/3390, i call it the inmortal phone! lol

  • abhishek

thanks nokia 3310...


the phone of all phones! better than sony ericsson, samsung, lg, blackberry

  • Anonymous

how can u say this phone is better than the iphone it hasnt even got colour screen a camera or music?

its acient this phone move with the times its not as good as all use are making it out to be anyway!


  • min

i hav use this phone for a long period of time.. never let me down.. althought already drop down for many time..still in good condition...hehehe

  • lime

oh no! this indeed, a great creation of man!..

  • berry

woww so much beta graphics than even the iphone i bought this phone yesterday 20 bucks

  • Arlind from Macedoni

I bought two of these extra pieces and each cost me about 330 euros. But when you fall in love with a thing like a Nokia phoe than you can't help it. Great job guys. Other companies are following you, but soon, they will be out of the way!!!

  • Tuan

wow! no words for such a solid phone.

  • PPCWarez2

nah, this is way better then all of them, even the Touch HD and the Xperia X1­a_1630_56x150.jpg

  • Oskar

Amazing Phone, Better than my crap Asus PPC...does every normal thing i want it to do :)

a lonely ghost from the home of piratebay ;)

  • Hash

My uncle drove a truck over this phone and he was like ALAS!!!
But when put all the stuff back in place he found out that the only change in the phone was its screen color. It turned into White from yellow. He was like : "this is better" ... AWESOME PHONE 3310 BEATS ALL

  • Goran

The best mobila phone ever, you cab throw it of a building and it will still work. The best

  • sansipur

Can I erase all sms's on this mobile at one go rather than one by one?

  • Anon

I agree with all 99 per cent of opinions that this was the greatest phone ever. Its performance and reliability are legendary and it will have its part in the history of cell telephony as the cell phone that popularised cell phones to the world. Half of the population of Malta bought this phone, still own it (or have given it to their parents) and will continue to use it as long as its battery is available.

  • Anonymous

just love this phone brought it the other day so nice!!
200 bargain:)

  • faz bhatti (p4u)

your phone is like 8 years old get a new 1 geezer thats the problem phones are only ment to last three years get an upgrade stop living in the past

  • Angel

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2008Please help! My phone says "Insert SIM Card" every 10 seconds , ... moretry to clean the sim card reading portion with thinner then dry it and try it. if still dont work then replace it. :)