Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

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  • catalin

greatest mobile phone ever made

  • Anonymous

hi! to all commentors, i had this phone and this was my first phone far, its not working anymore i tried to survive this unit. but stiil could repair. how sad am i?

- schrwyn14

  • Rose

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2008how can u say this phone is better than the iphone it hasnt... moreActually that's exactly what people are trying to point out, it is not an ancient phone- is is a phone that will never go out- it's classic design, excellent performance will always make it a great Nokia phone. I still have mine. I sooo hope very much, that Nokia will make another phone exactly with this very same design and shape and modernise it with a memory card and other features. People will definately go out and buy it. Technical wise this is a tough and excellent quality phone. You won't understand wise if you haven't had on. Great phone indeed.

  • d[-_-]b

I've had so many phones. Sagem MC920, Sagem MyV55, Nokia 3200, Nokia N95, Nokia E66, HTC Diamond, Sony Ericsson W800i, Sony Ericsson W810i. Just a small list...

I've owned both of my 3310's since they came out, and neither of them have played up on me whatsoever. Love em to death, and still going strong for almost 10 years.

  • cheap boy

i buy one as a gift for my gf and on the following day she break up w/ me...

that hurts much!!

  • tom

i've had this phone so long and its on contract, i get free calls and texts:D

  • Anonymous

it reminds me old memories.......i lost it.....i miss it

  • Anonymous

i loved this phone.

  • mannyb

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2008Old and outdated so how can you peole comment that it is so... moreif you dont or havent owned this phone you probably are the one asking the question "why are people making good comments on this phone", well the answer is because it is a great phone even if its 8 years old, to you that dont or havent owned this phone, try to either drop your current phone from a the roof of your house or just in a puddle of water and see if it comes out alive the first time! i know that the 3310 will! end of story...

  • Anonymous

it was the ish phone....we all started there

  • Anonymous

it was an amazing phone

  • Anonymous

Old and outdated so how can you peole comment that it is so great. It was ok in it's day. my wife had one for a few months and it packed up for no reason.

  • mannyb

1 of the greatest phones ever built! mine has been to hell and back lol for almost 6 years! droped countless times, dropped in puddle of dirty water once, dried it up and turned back on! i was very very impressed since i have owned many new phones from sidekick 2 & 3, (3) tmobile dashs' (piece of crap fragile screen), tmobile shadow, moto rizr (good phone), nokia n95, (2) bb pearls, sony ericsson p990i, and k790a (good SE phone by the way) just to name a few, but none of these compare to the durabilty of the 3310/3390, i call it the inmortal phone! lol

  • abhishek

thanks nokia 3310...


the phone of all phones! better than sony ericsson, samsung, lg, blackberry

  • Anonymous

how can u say this phone is better than the iphone it hasnt even got colour screen a camera or music?

its acient this phone move with the times its not as good as all use are making it out to be anyway!


  • min

i hav use this phone for a long period of time.. never let me down.. althought already drop down for many time..still in good condition...hehehe

  • lime

oh no! this indeed, a great creation of man!..

  • berry

woww so much beta graphics than even the iphone i bought this phone yesterday 20 bucks

  • Arlind from Macedoni

I bought two of these extra pieces and each cost me about 330 euros. But when you fall in love with a thing like a Nokia phoe than you can't help it. Great job guys. Other companies are following you, but soon, they will be out of the way!!!