Nokia 3530

Nokia 3530

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  • Dagger

I TOTALLY forgot: QUESTION: WHERE in the world is the TO-DO-LIST MENU? I've read about the features but I still can't figure out how I can access this one. Please email.

  • Dagger

I own one of these and it's not too bad. It's GREAT, actually. Whoever is planning to buy a colored phone with polytones and still seem sensible SHOULD DO SO.
QUESTION: I have a problem. If my SIM card can store 60 messages, how many messages can I store all-in-all, including the phone's memory? THIS THOUGHT IS REALLY BUGGING ME.
To anyone who knows, please write to my email.

  • parikshit

hey i wana buy a cellphone can anyone suggest me which one to buy as my budget is around 150$ plz tell soon

  • bell

i love this phone n
its sweriosuly ids the true fone dan , blodd

  • mukund joshi

Excelent working, fast access.....

please add pict editor and tone editor

it's request

  • ricky

can i know the price......????????plzzz anyone......

  • jedzjanjua

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  • an

i just bought 3530 for a month,but sometimes it switch off then switch on automatically. Please me why,something wrong with it

  • munesh

there is very good

  • eugene argoncillo

i have the model and its great!

  • Ruben Cueno

features are ok for the price tags
design will look better on a 3510 or 3510i cover, orig cover a little too weird.
preformance battery is easy to drain

bottom line is this phone is good enough coz of java downloads, polytones, and thanks 3510 covers fits this phone

i really like the 3510 cover on a 3530 its cool esp. the RED one

  • Jasima

Hey buddies, dis phone is so funky and cool. The phone looks so good at nite and itz fun to use for teens. The polyphonic tones r great. Juz one composer. Ader dan dat i feel dat it is funky and cool...n wad more u get a colour phone for such a good price.

  • zokies

I been using 3530 for a month now,found it is a bit heavy.Long battery life,good looks and lack a camera facility.I think the optional radio should be built-in,another design flaw too bulky.

  • Den Hendra

how much price this phone

  • Andrew

Resolution sux...why can't ppl wait until phone manufactureres make the resolutions better...

  • Anonymous

This phone is sucks! It's too big and the screen is so small.We'll find nothing inside except the low quality MMS,but it's the cheaper coloured phone ever.even the poor could own it. 6100 is the best!

  • Irish

Thnks Mr. Jakov.
As from your and others suggestions I purchased SE T68i. It is really very good phone. It is having nearlly everything, one require generally.Only draw back is the lack of poly ringtones. and volume of ringtones is very low. You cannot hear it in crowded place. Other vise it is best phone.size is very compact and handy.

  • Jakov

for irish:the answer is t68i.

  • nana

what software for download some walpaper

  • irish

which one is better?se t-300 or t 68i or nokia 3530? here your views. it's urgent.