Nokia 3530

Nokia 3530

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  • niki

this gsm is very good but is litle big (106g)0

  • Ericssony

Looks like a coffin!

  • Benson

I think the 3530 can store up to 150 sms and also if you want the ring loud, you can set the ringing tone to Bee (very loud). Good phone worth considering if you don't want to spend so much on a color MMS phone. Don't buy color phone without MMS, you can only admire yourself the picture but cannot send out.

  • 3530

I just got this phone and the phone not so bad as people commented. All the functions have been like 6510/8310, big phone books up to 500 entry with many fields, the lights is great, size same as 3310 but lighter, etc... The setbacks is the keypads but if you change one like 3510 type, then it will be ok, although 4096 colors but the pixels is low so the picture not so sharp as 7650/6100 but still better than SE T300/ T68i. Overall, the phone with an inexpensive price tag is worth to buy (more rugged or durable than 6610/7210/6100). MMS/ GPRS never hanged before since tried for few days.

  • gie velasco

how many text messages can nokia 3530 recieve?

  • gie velasco

how many massages can nokia 3530 recieve?

  • hacker

cool feature.
bad resolution
bad interactivity

  • LeeNA

add composer menu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maricel ordinario

7650 the best for me...tnx

  • Jamo

Getting cheaper, great work NOKIA, but this phone is a little too big for our era

  • gie velasco

how much is the price of nokia 3530?

  • ema

Can't seem to find the volume control/keys for the N3530 (which was usually located in the sides of other Nokia models), and can't find info on the manual.

  • Sam

I would like to buy this phone but maybe someone there can help me on the following queries: Does this phone has the internal battery for memory backup as previous '3' series phone, the clock always need to re-adjust whenever change or remove battery. MMS phone but what is the capacity, how many pictures can be stored. Beside color screen, whst is the improvement over the predessor ie: 3310/3330/3350/3510/etc... Thanks!

  • charmaine

hi, i just read the comments, im planning to buy that phone but im beginning not to liked it because of those but im still thinking.... :)

  • Francis

I have heard that the cover of the 3510i will fit the 3530. Is this true? Any body have doen it?

  • faisal

i am dealer of mobile phone.
plzzzz want info?

  • kazeem

hell, i will like tomake anorder and i want where i can get this phone and how imake my order and if u can ship to nigeria ?

  • Ken

Damn, wat the hell is wrong with u ppl! do u use freakin dialing wands with ur mobiles or some crap? personally i like to be able to press the buttons and have a nice sized phone which this is, sorry it isnt nano-technology but its a damn fine phone i think and im gonna buy it.

  • steve

The 3530 sucks. For such a new phone, it has no support what so ever. I cant hear it ring, I cant turn the volume up, half the time the buttons dont work when I want to send a sms. I cant download new phone ringtones and the email feature is crap. If you have any suggestions for me to get this phone working, as I am locked into the deal for the next 2 years, other than throw it in the bin, could you forward them to me.

  • mafioso

if you want a cheaper phone and just for the sake of havin a colored fone, then this fones for you, but if you have more money to spare, then buy the high end nokias, hehehehe, its big alright, but isnt it that mobile phones are used just for sms and calling soneone? i dont care about the other features, i just want a fone, that has a colored scree, coz im sick of seein the same yellow green and light blue backlights!!!!