Nokia 3530

Nokia 3530

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  • Francis

The phone is one of the low end color and MMS,JAVA enable phone that Nokia introduced in Asia-Pacific region. It is as bulky as 3310 but it will do the job. The voice quality is excellent and texting is also above average. Bottom line if you do not want to spent an arm and a leg for a Nokia 7210, 6610, or 6100, and you do not need triband, get this one or the 3510i. For those Nokia haters, eat you hearth out! All of you says the N3310 is so big and bulky. Well look again it is the best selling phone in the world. This one just might make it again...

  • JoeyToro

They released it to the ASIAN market on the premise that it's gonna boost the use of MMS and GPRS.

They should have released 3510i instead. The design sucks and it should have been released to the US market where they have big hands to handle this phone.

Anyways, good luck to those who bought and gonna buy this unit.

  • ghetto

nice phone, but it is too big it would be a great phone if it were the size of an 8250.

  • hans

how much is the price for this unit in asia market?
thanks a lot for your respond, i'm looking forward to receive it.

  • bokia lover

nice,but bulky?

  • josh

no damn ringtones!!!

  • Jack

This phone SUX TO THE MAXIMUM!!! The phone is bulky, big and useless!! Wonder why Nokia comes up with this phone!

  • valentino

how get buy the nokia 3530 in Indonesia (asia) thank's

  • s

this is a fuckin` space ship ... i never thought that this cuold be real


the best

  • agroopy

Its ok.But I think its too much for the residents of this planet.......

  • hari

Amazing Design.....
Salute for N0KIA...

  • Chuu Shock

Dear Nokia , I have to remind you once more:We are not blind to buy your masterpiece of shit. And please do not think that We (Asian) are too stupid to smell yours. This's not our style, Bring it away from Asia. WE ARE NOT GAY, WE ARE NOT CHILDREN, WE ARE NOT BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

wat wrongs with nokia.. why just dun give us some MP3 small size phones..?

  • montry Chan

we want to buy in big amount
but we do not know how to contact
we in Lao

  • montry Chan

we want to sale in big amount

  • Rubber

No IR port? Come on Nokia... are you joking?!?

BTW, freeman talks like a poof.

  • Jakov

wwwwwwoooooooowwwwwww!finaly nokia has design.

  • vox

What a f*** is this?!

  • Wakia

nice feautures...but to big and bulky