Nokia 3600 slide

Nokia 3600 slide

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  • Frankie D

come's a cool handset..maybe not all that classy,but it's very nice..daily look yet with style..i agree please get a good look at the fone before posting idiotic...expressions.ohn yeah..about the look..buisness is all about marketing skills and competition..seeing they designed it & not u..don't u think these people thuoght about this before bringing it out??so don't act as if you could of done it better.while u have no info at all on the background & pre-designition

  • deeza

da phone iz rili lukin gud,i can't wait 4 it 2 be out....

  • Anonymous

it's good but i think that the 5610 is a bit better in design and features

  • luis

It's not just the 3.2 mpx camera with AF and VGA recording. It's the TV out, a hard to find but anyway great function in this price range. It seems like a great value for the money.

  • Dan

Dani, what are you doing here? Why are you always trying to bash nokia? First you go to the 5700xm and get everyone upset, then you go to 5320xm and talk trash, then i find you here too.
Am asking you politely to please stop.
Personally i think it is a great achievement. 3.2mp A/F camera with vga recording for a price of 175 is just too tempting.

  • neena

simple persons like me will just need a simple's not the matter of being cheesy or cheap... i'm just being practical and besides i really don't need a phone will so much features since i don't really need yet those "features" that most persons here are talking i will prefer simple phones like Nokia 3600 slide...
how much this will be in Philippine peso anyway? i hope this is cheap... =)

  • sunni@myre

wat a gud lukin slide....rely got class...must try it

  • Dani

Another boring phone from Nokia.....

  • Eddy

This phone is not a boring design as noted by you. Please click on picture and repost your opinion about this phone. The design can be rated as high up to 100% without being biased.
Always click on the picture to see the design clearly before posting your opinion in this GSM ARENA.

  • Jenno

Same boring design?????????? people wont stare????? you need a life, does this mean that the only way you can get attention is through your phone? What do you do? select a crowded public place and then wave your phone around so the lucky public can view it!

  • chris

The phone has good enough specs. specially with autofocus 3.2mp camera. Not even close to an N series with the poor internet connections and I wouldn't expect wi fi on a cheap phone like this.

I was hoping for the possibility of it having an office document or .xls viewer. I read somewhere else that it did have it but it doesn't have that spec here. any chance that it really does have a windows document viewer?

  • Big Boy

Recording video VGA in Mp4 with Tv out ! Very nice for such a cheap phone (175 euros+taxes). Even samsung still has worse video in its most expensive phone. An Sony simply doesn't have VGA. So Nokia is far ahead !

  • Anonymous

Same BORING design. its not the type of phone that people will stare simply because its design looks like any other phone out there. sluggish. duh! Borrrrrriiiiinnnggggggg

  • Enzo

Phone seem alright, no 3G tho . But a lil worried bout the screen size. It has a nice big face but they only put in a tiny ass screen. makes it look funny and cheap.

  • Jon2

@watani telecom
That's what competition is all about. To make good products for all classes of people.

  • watani telecom

actually i believe nokia want to take over other brands, so they want the consumer to find whatever they want in nokia. like the nokia N76. we all thought its a copy of V3i but with a better camera and memoire. all of these are stratigic planning made to erase other brands from the consumer memoire.

  • Anonymous

samsung U700 is better than this.!!!

  • Anonymous

find it cool

  • Johnny

3.15 MP Camera..
WOW Vee!!
But wherez Wifi??

Anyways, probably Nokia would claim tht at the moment none of the 3000 Series phone would have wifi, they would probably start stating that 3310 never had wifi & 3650/ 3660 also never did so the same goes with 3600. But a person who does not have knowledge about Nokia phone, would assume that 3660 is more advanced that 3600.

Anyways, the slide looks good, but hope it really looks good when we get hold of it. But still what so ever, once launched the price would be quite high, obviously b'coz of 3.5 MP Cam, or probably during 3rd quarter of 2008 2 MP phones would have no value, so Nokia has some very good advanced thinking. Good brains Nokia. Credit goes to Nokia's research team.

Have a nice day all of you.


  • Anonymous

no 3g?