Nokia 3600 slide

Nokia 3600 slide

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  • Fuji

Maybe the nokia geeks find it Beautiful, but it seems like copy of Samsung slide phones in more ugly look.
The 3.5MP camera cannot shake my sense of beauty cause when it comes to style, trend, beauty-features aren't nething.
By the way Nokia phone designers might have grown too old cause they r not making phone for Generation X but only for Daddys and mummys & grandfathers too!

  • Anonymous

samsung copy?

  • Bikk

Made an error, looking at the data sheet :
Video recording is vga at 15 fps in MPeg4 when 6500 slide was the crappy 3gp format. So this one should be great.
And why is the name only 3600 slide when it is obviously better than the new 6600 slide?

  • loveshakeh

i dont know why nokia is giving tv out and accelerometer in the series 40 mobile with this kind of color and shape well 6600 slide is nice

  • Bikk

Nice, but it is just a 6500 slider with another look ! They should have made it a bar form, nokia is not so good with slider

  • Anonymous

Don't know what happend with the pictures of this phone. Please have a look on where they publish their original pictures. It looks beautiful.

  • Dan

No stereo BT ? WHY ? on this or 6600 phones

  • Winura

this looks awful!!!!!!!! Nokia...whats wrong with you???

  • TC16

6500slide featcher
that lo0ks cheap
i ges wil be cheap

  • Anonymous

This phone is way too graceful and sexy for the geeks...

  • lonestar



  • joe

Looks interesting. To judge it honestly you should have it in your hands. I will definitevly give it a try when it is in the market

  • Anonymous

i guess people are starting to get stupid and blind. color gradation doesnt mean its a copy of lg. just like how people are calling nokia tube a copy of the iphone. how stupid? its like calling a mac a copy of windows.

but besides that, i think these phones are not that much beautiful. they are acceptable though, but id much rather go with n-series since they are more feature-packed.

  • Anonymous

oops, i thought it's a samsung. design department out of idea already?

  • qwerty

Wow! Could it be more uglier..

  • Anonymous

wow... it seems like nokia is having more phones that have a standard of 3.2 MP... WHOA!

  • Tom

Great phone with great feature set for an attractive price. Like the round shapes.

  • Bo

And they even call it beautiful. Oh, well, we all are subjective.

  • Bo

Oh, i see. It's a desperate attempt to copy LG KF510 beautiful colour trim, but turns out to be plain ugly. And it's simply sad.

  • jon23

everything is a mistake!!every nokia phone is a mistake!!! what the H*LL happened??? why all nokia phones look the same as N81!!!
where is the BRAIN???!!