Nokia 500

Nokia 500

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  • Panky

How much RAM it has, and again no front camera !

  • SANA

wish this fone had secondary and flash on d main camera....

  • Kosovo

Very good phone. I liked it very much, because its a capacitive and not resistive, it has 1 GHZ processor, WiFi, GPS and has a Unique Design. GO GO NOKIA, Dont let other companies beat you. :)

  • reader

i dont like it 2gb internal storeage ,5 mega pexil camera shooting vga video , unknown ram

1 GH for what

  • Gyanu

Wow nokia how silently u made my dream come true using symbian anna with so powerful processor.....
Hey guys m gonna shift from my e63 to nokia 500.. hey can anyone tell me what's the RAM in it ?

  • Anonymous

Pretty nice and cheap ...

  • Aman

I am going to Buy this phone!!!
Superb Phone!!!

  • AnonD-2075

just watched the video...if anyone says 'this phone isn't laggy' then he is an alien....

  • Anonymous

cool CPU.

  • golu

very nice f9 yaar i want this

  • Anonymous

Taking the price into consideration, this seems like an excellent phone. Symbian runs at decent speeds on my N8 and with a 1GHz CPU and with a lighter version, Anna, it might be even faster. Good job Nokia.

  • Atheism Rules

If it would have secondary camera to make a vdo call, it would be far more better.......

  • Anonymous

Nice move, it will get all Samsung Wave customers back to Nokia.
I believe Nokia can get into the mainstream soon.
Go Nokia, go!! ;)

  • Anonymous

1 ghz+symbian anna at affordable price! I am going for it. come on nokia.

  • Chand

Awesome decision by NOKIA. This unleashes the Symbian Anna OS to Indian users.

I will love to buy it, and im the first one to POST here.

  • Anonymous

Average cheap phone which lags with 1Ghz..., prefer spending more on the N9.

  • Anonymous

indeed... Need to wait this phone to release! Im gonna buy this!

  • Vinsanity19

This is a very good substitute for mid range phone like C6 & C6-01... Way to go!!!

  • Sunny

simple camera. routine features. only its price can distinguish this phone otherwise it will be a flop

  • Rollindice

This phone looks like it'll be on the best budget nokia touch screen phone around ,comes with Anna update too