Nokia 500

Nokia 500

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  • Chand

Awesome decision by NOKIA. This unleashes the Symbian Anna OS to Indian users.

I will love to buy it, and im the first one to POST here.

  • Anonymous

Average cheap phone which lags with 1Ghz..., prefer spending more on the N9.

  • Anonymous

indeed... Need to wait this phone to release! Im gonna buy this!

  • Vinsanity19

This is a very good substitute for mid range phone like C6 & C6-01... Way to go!!!

  • Sunny

simple camera. routine features. only its price can distinguish this phone otherwise it will be a flop

  • Rollindice

This phone looks like it'll be on the best budget nokia touch screen phone around ,comes with Anna update too

  • AnonD-1785

If N9 is expensive, I will buy this :)