Nokia 5000

Nokia 5000

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  • Anonymous

I'm thinking of buying this phone for my daughter's Christmas present. But judging buy some of the previous reviews i gather that it has a samall amount of space. How many songs and photos can me stored on this phone?

Thank you (:

  • e-low

i need help.. i can't turn on my bluetooth.. how can i fix it?

  • Jorelle.

uhm. i have this phone and the problem with this is the memory. it has no memory card slot and that makes this phone uninteresting to people. :) and also the group is slow. when you're doing a group message, it is slow. but all in all, its quite good. :)

  • Adi

ain't it sweet, but it's WROONG!!! :)

  • sela 1

infact, this fone needs a memory slot. more room for improvement.

  • Sony

Hp jelek...!!!

very bad...dont buy it...!!!
U will be regret if U buy Nokia 5000.

  • Shaanya

How much is this phone in India?

please reply...


  • Anonymous

can you go on the internet with this phone?

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

the worst dont even think of buying this cell

  • Lesley MD

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2009can anyone tell me that nokia 5000 has FM Recording option or not.Yes this phone do have FM recorder but it was verry disgusting when I realise that this phone has small space (memory) and it dont have mamory slot and USB cable. Is advisable to buy onother one than this.

  • Anonymous

can anyone tell me that nokia 5000 has FM Recording option or not.

  • ktm

its cutee but , it doesn't have enough space......

  • Marty

I was very dissapointed to find out that the Nokia 5000 does'nt support a usb data cable. there is a slot for the cable, but it doesn't work with the phone

  • leckie

dont like dis phone 12 mb is just not enough

  • Johann

I got this phone on a upgrade at vodashop@reds by hylton, and is very impressed!!!Thank you millie!!!

  • Kath

Pukengkeng, 25 Sep 2009Then go for a higher end one, problem with u people is that you ... moreIts good my mom bought 1 for me and it works veeeeerrrryyyyy fine and so cute

  • Kapil Rijhwani

Watta gr8 looking fone can ne body tell me how can i buy it


  • Anonymous

werht, 15 Oct 2009Stop whining about the lack of memory. This is a telephone and i... moreYou're right man. There's a lot of stupid people saying this is worst phone. The basic needs of course is the sms and calling.

  • Mrahman

I can't use such nokia with computer for internet.