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  • n5000 New-User

i just bought this as a replacement phone because my motorola v8 was stolen 2 days ago.. it sucks because there's barely any storage capacity.. don't buy this phone if what you are into are videos, picture and music. i barely have 20 pictures in it and it's almost full.. buy sumthing else! & i just hate that nokia even released a product like this.

  • W.W

fifa, 02 Jul 2009 i gues this phone is only made for people whos is just... moreOk you have a point but sometimes a person buys a phone simply for the looks and think that the phone will be ok for them but then realise afterwards that it really isnt that good - thats what I did but I wont make the same mistake again.

  • fifa

i gues this phone is only made for people whos is just happy with texting and not concious with the memory of the phone after all what matters is that u can save and receive messages. put it in mind that if you are going to buy phone why not have a sit on the computer and search for its specs to suit your cha!

  • Anonymous

aowa, this fone people?:=

  • Ivi

The memory is just...who needs a phone who has so little memo nowadays, Earth to Nokia...get real! *frowns*
I am also changing this phone!

  • W.W

Yes, all the Nokia 5000's have the same memory problem and it is totally bad! I could only save 4 songs and 1 picture on the phone, the phone then sent me a message saying that the memory is full - I couldnt even take pictures after that - really, rather go for the LG KS360, its a bit more expensive but its the best phone ever - i got me one, you wont have any problems with the LG KS360.

  • cuztomize

Do this nokia 5000 really a 2G phone???
do all nokia 5000 have this memory problem??


I got bought the nokia 5000 for my 16th birthday cant believe there is no external memory slot GRRRR!!! The man who sold it too me said it's a good phone and that it has a decent size memory LIES!! grr

  • W.W

I bought a Nokia 5000 yesterday but I'm going to get rid of the phone as soon as possible - the phone itself is beautiful and all the functions on the phone work great but the memory totally suck...I dont know what Nokia were thinking when they made this phone - really, for the same price you can buy a phone that takes memory cards for crying out loud! My advice is - dont buy the phone for the fact dont buy this phone for any reason, just stay far away!!!!!

  • topgun

im a music fanatic but i save only 2 songs what the h*** and the memory is only 12 mb helllooooowwwwwwwwwwww.......... be reasonable and the video i cant identify the people that i caught on it

  • Nokia fan?

Design is good, but the features… Express music without a micro sd!!!?? What the hell!!??? This phone will be perfect when they have micro sd, 2 megapixel, video vga and of course a price no more than 100 euros. So… NEVER. This in Nokia…..

  • Anonymous

some guy, 27 Jun 2009The phone looks good and all good color good design light s... morei know i have this phone in blue and the memory is crap and there is no space for a memory card so it sux

  • fredorik

is it have a wifi?

  • some guy

The phone looks good and all good color good design light small efficient but all of the sudden there's no expendable memory i mean what the hell
and its only 12mb u can only fit like 2 songs on it 0_0 omg

  • Emma

how many text messages can it hold?

  • gelah

only good for texting purposes..

  • Well Wisher

Phone is good but better not to afford it bcoz of its small memory. I bought one but cannot do anything bcoz of its low memory. No external memory slot is der. So dont buy

  • Anonymous

looks good, but memory is poor.

  • Muhammad Waqas

Phone Memory is too low and infact no option for extentable memory.

any one advise if there's any option to extend memory.

  • Anonymous

its a good phone but the small memory ruind it if u could get expandable memory i would buy one