Nokia 5000

Nokia 5000

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  • allyssa

its very cool nice and simple

  • doro

gr, 03 Mar 2009i got this phone last week. and this phone keeps on laggingmy phone is also lagging.. at least.. when i play snake :)))

  • Samira Ala'a

I'm not having the phone right now. But I'd like to buy one. Please give me advice about this phone. I'm just heading on..This is my email:
looking forwads to reading your messages/emails

  • nokia 5000 user.

this phone is not exactly a perfect one. it is good but the memory is terrifying, and really bad. i cant have any sounds/music on my phone and nor too many pics :(

  • SJ

Its a good phone but no memorycard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gr

i got this phone last week. and this phone keeps on lagging

  • CJ

I find this phone to be extremely slow after I downloaded some music. Not nice at all...

  • zafar iqbal

Abdullah, 19 Feb 2009can any buddy tell me what about its battery timing how many day... moreI have this phone 15 days ago.I m satisfyof this result.But some problem is cell memories and it has no memory card

  • CornerKick

My wife uses one. Great, simple phone for texting and calling. Inexpensive, no need to fear its loss through snatching or theft so that you can use it in the open. No something that you can do with expensive phones.

  • nitin

complete gud looking & sexy to flaunt yourself

  • nitin

complete gud looking & sexy to flaunt yourself

  • mario

very pretty phone and sort of practical, quite cheap and
the battery is great

  • Anonymous

Iam using the phone
its deadly
sim;ple but very pretty for pretty girls like me

  • Anonymous

Hello people?!?!?! this phone cost only 100USD or less than so what u expect? this is just a simple phone for texting and calling purposes. if u wanna buy sophisticated ones, go for more expensive ones. duh?

  • Kim Jong Il

Judging by the looks it may have come from the future.
Probably with features to launch intercontinental ballistic missile at a touch of a button.

All with the price of one peasant life.

Small memory is what makes it a sobering cell-phone.

  • Brilliant mistake

I just got this phone for 2 days.

At first glance I fell for its looks. I hate those dinosaur sized cell phones (I laugh at blackberry what an ugly sloppy thing) while this phone looks smart and very slim.

Lacks of memory capacity. Yes it has got a very limited memory with no option to upgrade it. But hey I only use my cell phone to either sms or to make call. I found that surfing the internet with cell phone is much too cumbersome and games? I'm a very sophisticated gamer so cell-phone games doesn't interest me at all. In other words it does what I need of my cell phone just fine really. And it does that with style lol.

Th best part is this phone is bloody affordable about a little less than a 100 bucks. So even if I'm getting a new more expensive cell phones in the future I will still keep this one just because of its looks and its great value so I don't worry about losing it or something.

For people who use their cell phone as just that a cell phone this phone is great but for more sophisticated people who use their phone to surf and download things from the internet this phone is very lacking.

I recommend NOKIA to offer this series with much larger memory size to cater the need of those who need to store a lot of things in their cell phone.
For parents get this phone for your teenager. It looks smart, offers decent functionality and very very affordable.

  • Leo

This phones is unacceptable(for me). Its useless when it comes to Memory. You can't even store music. I like the phone beacause of the features its just the memory I am complaining of. Maybe Nokia could design a phone like this features with great memory and have memory slot.

  • Radu

It has only 12 MB of memory because it wasn't meant to be used for music , movies or other things that require large memory.
It's just a PHONE...which means it's adequate for talking , messaging and maybe a little bit of internet (as it has EDGE).


great fone!

  • James (Avenir)

NOKIA, 30 Jan 2009James, this might be a low-end phone, but you know what, maybe y... moreMaybe you didn't understand what I'm saying. I like the design, I see it as a very downgraded 5310, but it's OK for some people (not for me, but everyone have the right to their own opinions). I'm just pissed off because the phone is giving me and my co-workers too much problems. The customers are not happy not because the lack of memory or anything else, they just don't like the constant problems the phone gives. I've sent a phone 6 TIMES to technical assistance and they still don't have made a IMEI SWAP in the phone. I've changed the phone, but the second unit gave exactly the same problems. It's not the specs of the phone, is the quality of the components that pisses me off.
I'm sorry for my bad english, but it's not my first language.
Best Regards to All,