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Nokia 5000

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  • Smai

I don't get Nokia's strategy on creating phones with 12mb memory and no card slot. I really like the phone, because it's light and slim, but with that little memory there is little you cand do. And I totally dislike the huge smartphones. So, this would have been a very good phone if it had a card slot.

  • kavz187

stone age tech

  • ??

I have this phone, it is a very basic and simple phone, its great for people who just want a basic phone, but if you are intrested in storing alot of things on it e.g. music. it is not the phone for you. i can only store 1 song and about 3 pictures, but after deleting the song, i could store alot more pictures.

  • Abdullah

can any buddy tell me what about its battery timing how many days can i use after charging the mobile?

  • Anonymous

katrina_6C, 14 Feb 2009oh my gosh..only 12 mb memory..i have this phone and i'm suppose... morethere is no need to buy a memory card because it don't support external memory card.It's just a basic phone with a nice screen

  • Anonymous

i would also like to know how to expand the memory pls some one help us

  • Kaori

I bought this model and I think it is very can't upload a lot of music, because the memory is small..only 1 or 2 musics. Dont buy it unless you dont expect too much from a cellphone. It is good just for the basic.

I DONT recommend it at all.

  • 5000user

U simply can't expand the memory. It has 12mb which is enough for me. If you want to have an enormous picture and music database you should buy yourself another phone or an ipod.

This nokia works fine for me.

  • Woman diary at braqu

I have bought this one and 1 feel nice..

  • Woman diary at braqu

I have bought this one and 1 feel nice..

  • sarah

this is the worse phone in history

  • aliona


  • sunny

please anyone tell me how can expand memory of nokia 5000 at

  • ...

........maria, 17 Feb 2009can this phone take mixt???i also want to know...people?

  • ........maria

can this phone take mixt???

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Feb 2009How could i use it as modem good

  • Ski

The phone is not good...i would recommend the 5310 xpress music. It looks exactly the same but it has upgraded features for example the camera is upgraded and there is a memory slot which you could expand upto 4GB...

  • katrina_6C

oh my gosh..only 12 mb memory..i have this phone and i'm supposed to be buying a memory card. but i saw that no memory card is compatible for this phone. i cant store enough music. only 2 and about 15 pictures and 2-30 second videos. some one please help me where to buy memory cards. please reply at you in advanced. i feel so bad about my phone.

  • Anonymous

How could i use it as modem

  • arifin

Adelina, 10 Feb 2009Hi I am from Denmark. I am not very good to English but ther... moreiam very like nokia 5000 but the price too expensive