Nokia 5000

Nokia 5000

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  • kabron

1680 have 64mb internal memory and they cant even do at least that for this?

  • mark

does the phone have infrared?

  • Anonymous

this phone is a waste... it should have gone to stores

  • Anonymous

what a perfect phone please remake another phone..w/memory card..and with the same style as this phone

  • Anonymous

i dont care about your comments, i love this phone!dont buy it if you dont like it. she's my first love!

  • Brenda

This is a great phone, it's stylish and the price is perfect. I love it!

  • olaitan

the phone is okay, but it should have memory card slot so that it can be one of the best phone, well i advice u do nokia 5000i with memory card slot.

  • shweta

I am really unhappy with the phone... Memory is small and the ear volume is too low... dont even know how to increase it... i have always been using nokia but this time i feel like being cheated

  • xxx

Really nt a good phone. Doesn't have external memory option, basicaly the MP3 player is for ringtones...

  • ctrl_adm

guys, this fone sucks!!! beliv me. my GF bought 1, after a few days of using it, it keeps on shutting down automatically. even when the battery is full. whe we brought it to nokia care, they recomend software upgrade. huh? a brand new fone that needs software upgrade? wow...

  • IZS

A good addition to Nokia family, it should have memory card option or atleast a card slot.

  • poli

it;s ok and nice....but where is slot card????????

  • gp

It is like a toy foe babies...
very bad features nokia has ever compiled.
what it means..?
why they put camera...when no memory card compatible..?
and the battery....700mah...very bad..
dont buy this one...
sugggestion for improvement....remove the camera, increase battery capacity and reduce the price.

  • Iva

I like it I Collected a lot of Money then i came to find Out that it has NO CARD slot :'( That Sux Big time

  • Anonymous

Is this mobile have expandable memory?

  • siddharth

rose, 05 Aug 2008I just bought this set. Since I only need to call & sms, I don't... moreplz set ur time to +5.30 in time settings and ur time display of msgs will b to time u received...

  • Leonel

why is it i can only store a few musics?even tought my memory is still 7.6mb.


rose, 05 Aug 2008I just bought this set. Since I only need to call & sms, I don't... moreyou need to adjust your time zone. follow following order:
Adjust your time Zone to GMT+4
it will affect your phone current time but it's ok just go to time organizer and correct it.
Good Luck

  • roy

i just bought this seems that the radiation level quite high eventhough in the manual indicated 0.95 only. I though nokia 6120classic is the only high radiation with 1.18. Did Nokia realize about this or they just want ignore customer needs.

  • sasa

rose, 05 Aug 2008I just bought this set. Since I only need to call & sms, I don't... moresms receive 4 hr earlier