Nokia 5000

Nokia 5000

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  • kaz

Bought this phone, broke within 2 days, was refused a refund, but the phone was replaced...then found out what a SHOCKINGLY APPALLING memory it has!

  • Anonymous

It looks like it's made out of plastic... hmmm... but i have to say that the features are a lot better than other Nokia phones in the market today... BUT still looks like plastic...

  • vesa

I love this mobile

  • rose

I just bought this set. Since I only need to call & sms, I don't mind about the memory and all but what I don't understand is why the time set when receiving the msg is 4 hours earlier. Sending message is ok but receiving is not. Tried to check the setting but there is no way to change the recording of receiving text message time.

  • aha

it's look like 5310 express music...

  • Lewis

TyTN's son, 02 Aug 2008 The 5310 is more expensive than this one. The 5000 costs on... moreOh yeah, it is cheaper, my mistake. I really like the slim, slanted-edges design of those two phones. Still, i'm on a contract so i don't really feel like i'm getting my money's worth if i upgrade to either! :s

  • danang

i just buy nokia 5000 today but i didn't get cable data, can i turn on the radio with load speaker?

  • Okamana victor

Well the product is good and also stylish.and portable.but the problem is no enough should have been memory card enable.well great job to NOKIA.

  • TyTN's son

Lewis, 02 Aug 2008Is this not a very similar phone to the Nokia 5310, but more exp... more
The 5310 is more expensive than this one.

The 5000 costs only 79Euro unlocked and unbranded.

  • Lewis

Is this not a very similar phone to the Nokia 5310, but more expensive and with less features?

  • Shoira Pulatova

It is really nice phone. I like the color a lot. The only thing I don't like its memory. It is not enough

  • Chandni

i think this phone is gr8 for sumone who just wants to make calls and send sms. its slim and stylish. i was just worried abt the battery life but after reading the posts here my doubts hv been cleared.
if u guys want a bigger memory pls look out for a phone tht is actualy meant for ur requirements. this phone is made for the ppl who keep saying " y cnt there be a normal stylish phone without all the jazz?" thnks nokia

  • farhan

everything of this phone is ok except the memory.the memory of this fone is very less so u r the best judge

  • TyTN's son

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2008This fone is nice for the price. Handy and stylish. I don't unde... moreExactly!
Agree with you 100%.
People complain and complain about this and that...
If they want all of those things in a phone, why don't they get a medium or high-end phone?
1-Because they can't afford it and would like a N95 for 79EUR.(?)
2-Because they like to complain and moan about everything.

Guys! Get a job, save money, buy a state-of-the-art phone and stop whining like a 3yo.
We all know that this phone doesn't have a memory card.
We all know that the cam is only 1.3.
We all know that the internal memory is low.

We don't need you to come here and state the obvious.

I'll gladly trade my SE z610 for this Nokia. At least the 5000 has a decent keypad. I still hate the z610 keys!

  • Nunu

It's a deluted a days a mobile set without card slot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

People don't wast your money on this phone. It only have 12 mb built-in memory No memory card slot. You can only download 2 mp3 songs in 12 MB. even camera really bad in this phone

Nokia is earning money by its name.

  • Anonymous

This fone is nice for the price. Handy and stylish. I don't understand why people keeps putting negative feedback about this unit. There are a lot of Nokia high-end series to choose from if they really want ALL-IN and expensive ones..if they can really afford...

  • Anonymous

this cell phone is stupid

  • Dennis

A good lookin fone wit 1.3 megapixels and 12 mb and no memory slot WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TOż

  • vinoth kanna

hey y the hell i want to buy this stupid phone better i can go for 5110 old model thank u gsm arena