Nokia 5110

Nokia 5110

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  • Daniel Caprian

it is a very good and reliable phone

  • nikedarwin

This is my 1st phone its been 5 years from i first bought it.. its best feature its back up battery for its clock.. even if your remove the battery the clock wont stop ticking..... and hey IT IS STILL WORKING UNTIL NOW>>> its been 5 years

  • Filipe

I`m have two nokia`s 5110 it`s very good


Traditional brick but a good fone, very reliable

  • Anthony

Easy to use..Strong..Little bit heavy..This is my 1st fone til now..

  • ashley

these are the best ive hade i have now got a nokia 3660 but i still think the nokia 5110 is the best.

  • Anonymous

Loads of features. koooooooool.
lovely phone

  • Abra

This was an excellent phone. I had it for about 5 years and I'm sure it would've lasted longer if I hadn't dropped it so often. It had great battery, good signal, easy menus. It got me hooked on Nokia products.

  • april wilson (live i

my m8 hannahs got it. its GORGEOUS! i meen the curves n all! jst messin

  • Adam

I luv this phone, all my friends tease me coz its a brik but i tell em there better than camera phones coz ive thrown it dropped it and cant kill it. Even dropped it in water, there an awesome phone and there affordable not like them $700 phones. BUY ONE THERE TOUGH AND RELIABLE!!!

  • jamie

i love my nokia 5110, but i'm trying to get it reactivated

  • pirated

im planning to but a cell phone this christmas.... is this a good unit to buy? i would like to invest for a good phone....

  • Aveek Dasgupta

A phone that was a workhorse in every sense. Inspite of being just a communicating more it served well. especially in its lighter avataar with the Li-on battery.

  • Unknown

A worst phone
better removed out of the morket

  • Janos

This phone is something like the VW Beetle. My wife's motorola's batteries lasted for about two years and needed replacement, this one keeps runnin with the factory set. I've had it for more than five years and it has done a great job for me.

  • donald hall

Simply the best working phone of all time. very rarely broke, even if you dropped it off a ladder.

  • me

i got it 3 years ago and i still have it (but not for long) and it's great for me. i don't need the extra features that other phones have, i don't care about the design (which i don't think is very bad) or the size. for me it's the perfect phone. i feel bad that soon i'll have to say good bye to it.

  • dera

pple wake up, this fone was bad off to start with, it was a complete piece of crap, its slow but not as a bad as a sony, y do u defend it? this phone was horrible at the time it had extra features that no others did but at the price for size?? i found 5 of these fones for 50cents, this fone doesnt break because the case is soo big, there is a problem with the batt since its external, at the same time i as i got this i bought a audiovox, which doesnt seem to exist on this site. but other fones at the same time as this in the same cheap class is the R310s that fone is wat i call unbreakable

  • Barbara

I've had to activate an old phone, as mine is waiting for a new battery & unable to communicate. The one I've activated, I believe is a Nokia 5185,& I don't know how to use it & there's no instruction book with it. I hope you have some for it & can send me the information by email ASAP. My email address is: Thank you for your assistance.

  • marius

hey!my girlfriend has this fone and want's to change it.she has it for 3 years and it worked very's a fone with high ability but it's.... let's face it: A BRICK! but if u are attacked at night u could harm the attacker with your nokia 5110!so, there u have a fone and a personal defense weapon!! :))))
just joking a little. don't get mad at me know u users of n5110, k?