Nokia 5220 XpressMusic

Nokia 5220 XpressMusic

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  • Anonymous

camera good bad fast slow clear blur?

  • poty wala

this phone is too stylish specialy the shape and the desingn.........ists very cheep too.


ghen, 13 Sep 2008can somebody help me... i have this 5220... and i registered m... morehello, you are supposed to register first in the website provided in the leaflet with the activiation code. after you completed registration you can now log-in and download. however, you need to have windows media player version 11. better to download via your pc since rates might be higher via gprs.

  • ritesh


  • ghen

can somebody help me...
i have this 5220...
and i registered my activation code for downloading music @nokia/musicredemtion on our computer. but i haven't used it yet...
nor have i downloaded something...

now, i realized that i will just use it directly on my cellphone... but unfortunately,
i can't use the activation code anymore...

what am i suppose to do....?

  • Prabakar

Whenever I take a photo using this set, and go and see the file size it shows like 1.7MB. but if i open the file, after few seconds the clarity of the file changes and now if i check the file size it comes below like 358KB... something happens behind the scene.. is that a built in feature? or a issue with my set?

  • Anonymous

case quality: 9/10

sound quality: 6/10

interface: 9/10

  • akshay

zakir, 11 Sep 2008Is Nokia 5220 XpressMusic supports Adobe Flash (FLV) files? m... moreplease can i know about the sound quality in this mobile

  • priya sen

hey i purchased this ph few days back n truly speaking this chunk of masterpiece is reaaly awesome with amazingly good sound quality together with unique light effects gives u a thrilling experience. so wat are u waiting for njoy the joyride with n5220

  • Anonymous

can anyone tell me if the camera is as slow as 5310??

  • zakir

Is Nokia 5220 XpressMusic supports Adobe Flash (FLV) files?

mail to:

  • 5310 owner

5310 is much better than this phone, those people who complain about the low sound of 5310 and its frequent restarting has an old firmware version. 5310 at version 5.81 and higher is superb(except the camera speed)

  • invincibleman

this sunday i m gonna purchase new cell...i had asked here bfore to help me out in making choice betn n 6233 mi n 5220 me..i hv still not decided which one i'll purchase amongst these two..i'll take descision at the time of purchasing new let u kno call 5220 or 6233

  • awid

Hi.I'm from Malaysia. Got this phone 2 months ago. this phone is good, value for money. Haven't got any problem what so ever. no restarting , nothing.The audio is as good as my W710i.Overall I think this is a good phone.Sonyericsson input jack usually got some problem.Look into it sony

  • annax

i want buy this phone soon. How about the handsfree? Can i change like SE\'s handsfree? Whisch is SE\'s handsfree got a rubber and go inside deeper to our ear.. Not like usually handsfree?

  • Anonymous

Hiii to all....1)can anyone Plz tell me the battery backup of this phone....2) World phone is there or not?? 3) Message Memory?? 4)Restarting Problem??
Plz guide me ...

  • Anonymous

sonyia, 05 Sep 2008reallyyyy good value for money good work nokiacan u tell me the battery backup of Nokia 5220 plz??...and whether there is a world phone & t9 also??

  • patrick awad

hey all yesterday i bought this phone and it seems pretty fine except the camera...
the sound is very clear and loud enough...
ive never had a phone with this clarity of sound ... Plus the light effects and the design fit my soul and i really feally comfort using this phone ... i advice everyone to buy it based on a true experience.Yet i had the 5610 and its good but this one is better..
Cheer Up NOkia

  • grace

Jagadish, 09 Sep 2008nokia 5310 is the best phonetnx 4 responding. fully appreciated. i think ur right.

  • Anonymous

bhawan, 07 Sep 2008is flight mode a availiable in this phone ? any one who has the... moreyes this phone has flight mode in its profiles.