Nokia 5233

Nokia 5233

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  • Anonymous

plz help i am by a 8 gb mmry card And inserted my mobile 5233 but it is not responding.

  • RamdaN2478

good, and now I using this phone


this is cheaper version of 5230, no 3g, wi-fi, and gps, and I wrong choose phone..

I want phone with 3g and wifi but why I chose 5230 lolz...

  • dil

is mp4 videos r suporting in this nokia5233

  • Josteee

i want to buy nokia 5233 phone tell me about its batery life and tell me the free browsing softwares

  • Ab Latif

The nokia 5233 is a good phone but the problem is with various softwares for eg installing of the various dictionary softwares won't work properly in this phone ,otherwise same softwares worked in small phones more better than this phone

  • tuf

good phone but 5230 same phne bt has 3g. LACKING WIFI.:(

  • novicer

hi frnds. those who want to turn off thier camera sound download an app name camera pro. it has easy to use functionality with lot of options on screen. picture quality is also better and pic size is nearly 100-120 kb more than original camera.

  • Bala

Nice mobile

  • Munna

Superbb piece but no wifi

  • arun

why wifi is not into this phone

  • sahil

AnonD-542, 13 Jan 2012Anything in 3 digits won't display the 3rd digit as the phone mi... morewhat do u mean by that

  • kokowawa229

Iam decide to buy a new phone then i have three choices they are (samsung GT-S5610K) and (nokia 5233)
and (nokia X2), which is better, reply me pls!

  • sachin

no wifi is very bad
so i request to the nokia companies to make a better nokia 5233 include with wifi

  • Laluu

I can download some various applications .he retified which one is trusted & untrusted its ok,but how can enjoy all applications.please tell me .... Is it awesome

  • Anonymous

the phone is very good.but this is no wif, flash.

  • Karan_Kool

[deleted post]Hi Salman,

If that is so then why dont you sahre as in from where will we get the AG software cuz I dont have any idea about this?

Thanks :)

  • Salman bagarwa

I bought this phon about 3 month ago. It's very nice and good looking phon. It's capable to handle many types of software. Now i want to tell u a special information that if u will use AG software then u can use free internet in airtet. Let's enjoy
¡ìSalman bagarwa¡ì

  • sonu

so good.................................

  • Sony

I vary like 5233

  • AnonD-37872

the one an only issue is no Wifi :(