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  • anji

hai friends im anji. i am using this phone for 1year as far as i know it is really great mobile while compare with the the price at Rs 6000. i can say strongly that the performance of the phone is well and the reason is i bought it at introduction stage of product(Rs7200). gradually the price is decreased automatically quality is also decreased, i noticed it from one of my friend is recently bought it for Rs 6400. that was little bit poor in display colors and the ovarall quality. so finally i ve decided to go for a android phone from samsung. that is galaxy s551.

  • AnonD-927

Mr.Offtopic, 21 Mar 2011How install nvidia/ati in 5233?Mr.Offtopic, are u the Anonymous posting cmnt frm kUW@?

  • Mr.Offtopic

How install nvidia/ati in 5233?

  • AnonD-927

AnonD-122, 20 Mar 2011Hi mate just check out this link moreReally great info. It realy make sense. Bad news 4 nvidia fans. And 1 thing. Ati is launching 1 card after another in a short period of time. I thing thats why after launching a new one the previous cards are getting cheaper.

  • AnonD-927

AnonD-122, 20 Mar 2011Hey great choice mate and I'm glad you've liked it. So how much ... moreATI HD 5450(Asus). It cost me 5300BDT(im in bangladesh).
In Usd currancy it cost me 75.7$. And its realy cheaper than i thought. But the Nvidia 9600GT is around 90$(6000-6500BDT)it realy sucs. I found HD4650 at 65.7$ and HD5450 at 75.7$. After a bit research i go 4 5450. And i think its worth buying. I dont know why Nvidia and Ati's price dfrnc is so high. Thanks 4 ur comnt and suprt mate. :-P

  • Walkman

jai, 20 Mar 2011hey ppl...can anyone tell me if nokia 5233 has wifi??and is it a... moreNo it doesnt have wifi or 3G its a total waste if you purchasing this phone for internet, music and camera.

  • AnonD-122

AnonD-927, 20 Mar 2011Hey sidewinder, bought Asus ATI Radeon HD 5450. Really very much... moreHi mate just check out this link­5-vs-radeon-hd-4670-1gb/
This gives you a comparison of Ati 4670 which cost me 3390 with Nvidia GT 240 1GBDDR5 which costs around 5000. It's a good thing that I went for the cheaper Ati card as the comparison will prove that Ati card smashes the nvidia card in all benchmarks by a respectable margin. So Ati gives you the best performance to price ratio.

  • AnonD-122

AnonD-927, 20 Mar 2011Hey sidewinder, bought Asus ATI Radeon HD 5450. Really very much... moreHey great choice mate and I'm glad you've liked it. So how much did you pay for it?? I guess 5K or less is a great bargain as the nvidia GTS240 costs in that range but the performance is way below what ati cards have on offer in similar price ranges. You also get the option of overclocking your card if you find the performance to be a bit low especially when playing games like Crysis2.

  • maxxx

hey sbd u kno of any alternate camera UI sftware then plz tell me.I am damn bored with symbians default cam UI.

  • AnonD-542

Finally found a good alternative keyboard that isn't a pain to use as swype. This keyboard is really fast and the best thing is that it's split screen even in landscape orientation. And unlike swype that has countless issues with opera mini symbian, this infact works like a charm. Just follow this link and find out yourselfs.­tions/151374-dayhand-v6-02-17-apple-criskelo-s60­v5-symbianos9-4-unsigned-%5Bvirtual-keyboard-lik­e-iphone%5D.html

  • Blue

I have this phone for 4 months.
It`s very cheap smartphone ( i know some other smartphone on same price range has more features than this phone ).
I very like it, even still resistive touchscreen but it`s very comfortable to typing text.
Very simply design & fits on palm.
I can install many games & applications, even 3d games (some can`t run smoothly, like PoP HD).
Good music player (even not classified to music phone), just don`t use headset from sales package.

Even i using N8 too, but i still love 5233..

  • jai

hey ppl...can anyone tell me if nokia 5233 has wifi??and is it a worth buy???

  • ekamber

waahoo, big technical guys! busy talking to each other. fine. but really not fine to ignore small people inneed. guys iam facing low memory prob on my set. pls helpppppppppppppppp.

  • Jinu

I hv used many mobiles in d duration of 4 years..but i havt use a comfrtble mbl like 5233 battery will last up to 5 days..I lv my 5233

  • AnonD-927

1 question guys. Why nokia is going for windows phone instead of android? Its a leading OS now. And is there any posibilities to go 4 android in future? I realy like nokia phones.

  • AnonD-927

Hey sidewinder, bought Asus ATI Radeon HD 5450. Really very much satisfied with it. Gud price, no need extra power supply. And performance awesome. Now playing Crysis 2. Running smothly. Nvidia Geforce realy sucks.

  • tarun

is nokia5233 available with a 3g version?

  • AnonD-542

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2011My next phone will be an android for sure. But i have decided to... moreI support every points that you made. I too didn't hate the idea of nokia making an alliance with microsoft but i seriously hated Stephen Elop's plan to completly remove symbian in the coming years. Its true that if one has the cash for an n8 then he should definately go for an android instead but will i get all the features of n8 (except camera) like hdmi, HSDPA etc plus a screen of WVGA resolution that too having a good GPU? Android has the beat future of all mobile OS but i will never ever go for an IPHONE, never!!! Although microsoft has the tendency of becoming great but that will need the same developer attention that android is enjoying (seems tough).

  • AnonD-927

Guys if ur next desire is to go for a s^3 device i think it wont be a gud idea. Day by day symbian will be geting weaker, on the other hand android will become powerful. If any1 have a gud budget 4 buying a C7 or N8 then he should go 4 an android phone. Now android phones are getting cheaper. My next phone will be an android phon 4 sure too. Im also a nokia fan. But by seeing many forums and reviews i've decided to go for an android device after my exam. Im not telling nokia is a bad phone. But guys like us who wants to use mobile like a mini computer and like to have lots of software in mobile should defintly go for android device.
PS: Its just an advice.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2011My next phone will be an android for sure. But i have decided to... moreActually, nokia should have continued with symbian and side by side released wp7, android etc models. By commiting to wp7 only people wont by symbian now. I was planning to buy e7 but gave up after nokias marriage with microsoft. Even if nokia comes out with wp7 model quickly it is expected that there will be many bugs. Wp7 too is not that exciting OS. So nokia, at least in short term, is dead in high end phones. But in low priced phones nokia still rules. 5233 is really not bad in its price range. But androids too are getting cheaper. As said earlier the biggest mistake nokia made was to commit to wp7 only. Now its neither here or there.