Nokia 5233

Nokia 5233

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  • Anonymous

utk, 23 Jan 20111) There's no security risk by disabling anti virus for couple o... moreThanks a lot dude.
But why jaf is suggesting such a path ?
So can i put the firmware files on any folder i like and select it manually ?

  • utk

[deleted post]It's not me. Just someone using same network as mine. Not everyone has the luxury of having separate ids for each account and even for each session like vodaphone users.

  • utk

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2011hey guys, i had to disable anti virus for running jaf . any se... more1) There's no security risk by disabling anti virus for couple of minutes.

2) jaf will not create RM-625 folder automatically. There's no relation between the two.

3) It's normal.

4) 5233 based CFWs are better. They are faster, safer, stabler and better for multitasking. C6 is more of an eye candy than a performer.

  • Anonymous

hey guys,
i had to disable anti virus for running jaf . any security risks ?

RM-625 folder was not created by jaf . So i have to create it manually ?

I have installed vlc media player in pc . one of the original firmware file is shown as vlc media player file in pc (signature file ).is it normal ?

Which one is the best 5233 type cfw?
Which one is the best c6 type cfw?

Any other ports available ?
Thanks in advance.

  • em.em

i forgot my security to change my security code to a new password

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]this is what happens when they post from their phone using the same network.
but selman also has the right to post . and do not disturb him with that type of comments.

  • Anonymous

selman, 22 Jan 2011@sidewinder,anonymous Thnx i can go for creative..t... moresomeone stole utk's phone ???

  • selman

Thnx i can go for creative..thnx again...

  • SidewindeR

[deleted post]Mate since you want lot of bass, you can opt for Sony MDR-ED12LP. The bass is punchy and deep but the treble and mids are very weak. Or otherwise like Anonymous pointed out, you can opt for Creative EP630 in ear earphones. The sq is very good for it's price which goes around 800. The bass is strong but not that deep but it shouldn't be much of a problem for you. Honestly though EP-630 is a good bang for buck earphone, I don't like it's sound signature very well. The sound feels like it's all over the place. Not good if you listen to it for long period of time. Anyway it's better than sony and gives you good value for money. Sound quality is a purely subjective matter so you're the one who has to decide which is better for you. If you can try listening to it before buying.

  • Anonymous

selman, 22 Jan 2011@sidewinder.... Hi frnd u already mentioned about sony,creative... moreyou can go for the creative ep630. amazing earphones

  • sanjeev

This is the best phone for video I have seen.I like this phone very much

  • masani

wonderfull fone. i'm using it for abt 6 mnths nw nd d only problem is it hangs too often. geat choise forthose who have a low budget lik college students nad school students

  • greedy

i want a phone with nokia operating system ,samsung style and lg speakers.within 8k inr.any sugestions?

  • Anonymous

Ankush, 22 Jan 2011Nokia is like god for people like u . but choosing phone by read... morewise people always read all reviews available defore they buy a gadget.
But people like you prefer style and colours only. People get what they deserve.

  • prasadswamy

its goood handset

  • Ankush

ekamber, 18 Jan 2011buddy, Ankush, growup yaar. First use the phone and speak about ... moreNokia is like god for people like u . but choosing phone by reading reviews is not good way like u did.

  • mushafiq

love this phone

  • Harshit

this is the best phone...........i love it .....

  • Harshit

this is the best phone...........i love it .....

  • sofia

I love nokia.
Nokia is the best!