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  • Sbdevilmind

JustBought5233, 28 Oct 2010sb & side, i am using netqin. is it good? i searched for mca... moreYes, netqin is good. Its somewhat better than the others as its perfectly compatible with the phone. It causes no trouble whatsoever. Real Time Monitoring means that the software runs in the background and keeps an eye at what you or any other softwares are doing with the phone. This feature stops applications to connect to net without your authorization. It is perfectly safe.
One thing i like about this software is that if any application is not closing, no matter what you do, this program can kill that application easily. Just go to Running Processes option and scan out the application name from the list and end it.

  • justbought5233

Plz plz plz answer all my questions. i know i have asked too many questions but it would be very kind of you.thanks

  • justbought5233

another thing, in case of java apps, i can restict the accessebility of the app by app manager/suite settings. but in case of sis apps, there is no such option. is it not at all possible to control the accessebility of a sym app? if yes,then plz tell me how. if not, then what would be your advice for using sym apps safely?

  • JustBought5233

sb & side, i am using netqin. is it good? i searched for mcafee and norton,but they were not working. you know till i am not so much a power user like you guys. never mind would you plz tell me which is the best among NORTON/MCAFEE/F-SECURE/NETQIN? what are the merits and demerits of REAL TIME MONITORING? is there is any chance of my personal data being uploaded in background while usig real time monitoring or network firewall?

  • SidewindeR

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2010Hey mate do not flash or overclock your phone. It may drain your... moreMate don't be a sceptic... I've been using cooked fw on my 5233 for the past 3 months with no adverse effects of any sort.. I won't encourage anyone to use CFW as it requires a bit of technical know how to get it to actually work. It is mostly recommended for the power users who is a bit familiar with the symbian platform (I was neither of this until i had my hands on my 5233). Also one should be willing to accept responsibility for whatever the outcome after flashing the phone instead of blaming the fw modder for any glitches or mishaps. That is why it always carries a bit of risk compared to updating using nokia fw updater.
I myself am using a cfw with 100% CPU time mod and the battery backup is morethan enough to get me through 2 days of moderate usage. But the difference in performance is like night and day. And you don't loose that genuine nokia feel at all as all these mods are actually based on the original nokia fw with a few software restrictions disabled.
I used to think the exact same way as you did until I tried one of these mods. Since then I never had to look back and will never do so unless nokia itself comes up with something better that these mods. A lot of my friends have 5233 but none of them even compares with how mine looks and performs. That way I always feel like I'm one of a kind though we all have the same phone...

  • Anonymous

raj, 27 Oct 2010hi, can nyone plz assist me letting me know what should i do... moreHey mate do not flash or overclock your phone. It may drain your battery easily and expose it towards various threats. Do the new software update. It gives good touch response ,fastest scrolling ,support for flash files etc . There are genuine methods for signing and installing apps ,homescreens etc. Never lose that genuine nokia feel .

  • SidewindeR

raj, 27 Oct 2010hi, can nyone plz assist me letting me know what should i do... moreOh mate you seriously need an update.. v12.1.089 is like stonage compared to the latest fw release.. If you are a bit of a techy guy you can easily flash you phone with any cooked fw. It's absolutely safe and the rewards are many. It virtually eliminates all the software restrictions allowing you to install any games or apps and have customizable homescreens and other personalization stuff.
The safer alternative is to update using nokia software updater. This preserves all your personal data and is a bit less tedious. Anyway in both cases the increase in performance will be much pronounced but custom firmwares are the real deal here and totally rocks the phone...

  • raj

can nyone plz assist me letting me know what should i do,update to latest firmware or should flash it,as my phn is 4 months older and i havent tried ever to do so till yet,but now i m facing some technical software version is v 12.1.089.what new version is available,and what benefits will i get if i update it and what benefits if i flash it?plz pour a bit of experience and knowledge u have,on me.AWAITING UR PRECIOUSE FEEDBACKS. HAVE A GOOD DAY.

  • XD

You don't need any anti virus..

Just be responsible..

Follow this few tips of mine:

1. Don't send blue-tooth files from harmful/ not so sure organisms.

2. Don't browse porn and other suspicious animalistic websites.

3. Be careful on the applications you install in your tube jr. Be sure it came from reliable source.

I have 3 smart phones, 2 symbian (5230, e72) and one android (spica). But i don't use any anti virus for my phones. Because it slows my system and it's really not advisable if you are a responsible user.

  • Rocky singh

parvesh, 27 Oct 2010please eny one suggest me a good anti virous for my nokia 5233..... morenortan antivirus is free and best protection for your phone....,.,

  • Rocky singh

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2010Thanks for reply. I will update the firmware to latest version ... moreno ,you didn"t loss any data while updating .

  • Anonymous

rocky singh, 26 Oct 2010you have to upadte it for better performance steps are given bel... moreThanks for reply.
I will update the firmware to latest version soon. I guess i need to take back up of all data before that.

  • Sbdevilmind

Rahul, 27 Oct 2010I have just bought this phone, i am able to make calls to gtalk ... moreI think you have insufficient bandwidth for gtalk. Although i haven't used it but gtalk requires 3g to perform optimally. Or atleast a service provider who provides the actual bandwidth of EDGE, the kind that utk enjoys i.e download speed of 20-25 KBps in average and upload speed of almost same value. This speed is sufficient for 128kbps audio stream transfer.

  • parvesh

please eny one suggest me a good anti virous for my nokia 5233....???

  • Rahul

I have just bought this phone, i am able to make calls to gtalk in this. but i cant hear.. (i means, its connecting , calling, and the other person receives the calls) whats the points. we cant hear..

  • Anonymous

I want a separate forum for revenge 6. Original software is making revenges against it nowadays .

  • Walkman

Setting wizard is accurate in setting up network gprs settings and screen saver is only for s40 unless you use 3rd party application

  • miss.A

how to make screansaver?
thank you

  • s.k.sharma

dont know how to download music and see photos in computer. pl guide.

  • Anonymous

michael26, 26 Oct 2010hello how to have internet?wat are the steps? pls. help.thanks i... moreHey cedric,your internet problem is not over yet?I think 4or 5guys explained it to you.Go at least to a mobile retailer in your country.he can tell you what to do.Anyway i am trying once more to make you understand ...
Call your network service provider first.Request to activate gprs.Then they will send gprs settings to your phone.Now it is done.Open the browser(globe icon).I think you know to operate a browser ,search with google etc since you know how to post comment in this forum.