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  • Anonymous

Wanna be, 14 Oct 2010Whatever you say or do this phone will always be defined as Poor... morehi walkman

  • cedric

where can i find the google ? ive already find it but i forgot.

  • Sbdevilmind

Deba, Kolkata, 13 Oct 2010Brother Anyone who is using this phone few long time can sugg... moreOh, i forgot. The resolution will be 360x640 (known as nHD)

  • Sbdevilmind

Deba, Kolkata, 13 Oct 2010Brother Anyone who is using this phone few long time can sugg... moreYou are applying the wallpapers correctly. The only problem is the theme that you have selected. All the default themes in the device keeps a colour stain at the top portion comprising the clock, calender and notification area. So just apply any other theme except the inbuilt themes, which can be downloaded from net. Mobile9 is the easiest one. Try it and let us know.

  • Sbdevilmind

rana, 13 Oct 2010In my opinion 5233 is undoubtedly a very good phone. I don't kno... moreYou see, the world of mobiles is impoving at a very fast rate. Its only a matter of a couple of years that all mobiles will be produced as smartphones. Symbian^1 will then be used in all the entry-level devices whose price will vary from $80-$160. The next category, i.e mid range phones will comprise of symbian^3 (and Bada OS) as is the case of the latest nokia C7 device. Mobiles like nokia n97 will fall in the lower portion of midrange phones by that time. The high end and enterprise level phone will have iOS, Symbian^4, Symbian^5(just a rumour), Android 2.2 and above, Meego, etc. These phones will have very sophisticated hardware ranging from dual core snapdragon processors with clock rates exceeding 1.5 ghz, cameras like the latest sony 16MP (megapixel) cameras (which when implemented will allow users to record videos at resolution upto 1080p and also take slow motion videos of 720p) and screen resolution reaching upto 720p i.e 1280x720 pixels.
The reason symbian^1's priority among other smartphone OS is low because it puts a lots of hardware restrictions. Not to mention its inability to perform any graphics intensive operations. And there is also the limitation of the maximum screen resolution which is 640x360. These are only a few to mention. But its worth noting that Symbian^1 production and sales percentage will only increase overtime as it will be more and more integrated into the entry level devices. Another reason of symbian downfall is the fact that creating symbian applications (C++) is very hard compared to those of Android and IOS.
Nokia is already working on making devices which will have processors of 1ghz and above. Its a joint collaboration with Nvidia and the integration of there upcoming Tegra graphics chips.
The above information is just a basic image of the world of smartphones, to give a somewhat clear idea where this world is progressing to.

  • Wanna be

Whatever you say or do this phone will always be defined as Poor man's 5800

  • Deba, Kolkata


Anyone who is using this phone few long time can suggest me how i can put images from memory card as full screne wallpaper. I am not able to view full screne wallpaper in the main screen the top portion is not showing anyway. What way i can use the image as full screen wallpaper and what will the resolution please advise.

  • rana

In my opinion 5233 is undoubtedly a very good phone. I don't know why people are not liking s60v5 phone anymore. Even i heard a rumour that nokia is also diverting the concentration from s60v5 to sym u^3 and meego for manufacturing touchscreen smart phone. Other companies have already given up s60. Should i guess that we may not see any further development in s60v5 in the future? I have already told my cousin to buy a s60v3 device (more specefically c5) as he wanted suggestion from me. I m kinda confused about s60v5 although my device is serving very well. Guy's let me know what do u think about s60v5.

  • Joty

bad speaker sound, gave 2 nokia care but no change. Not good in earphone also. I feel very upset to buy this phone.

  • SidewindeR

Sachin, 13 Oct 2010Hey guys tell me wat is symtorrent is all about . I just know it... moreMate.. symtorrent is nothing but a bittorrent client for symbian phones... With it you can download any content from the internet from ebooks to HD movies.. And the download speed is very good too..

  • Svn

Users of 5233,plz ensure me whether this phn has gps or is the performance & touch screen?

  • SidewindeR

riyaz rasheed, 13 Oct 2010700 mb via gprs?it will take forever !Nope not at all... Started download at about 10 p.m and let it download the whole night. When I woke up this morning, the download was already complete and I was sharing it. Using smart movie checked out a short preview to see whether the downloaded movie is good. No probs so far. And I'm talking about EDGE speeds here. I currently use Reliance net connect which gives me a top download speed of 30kBps or 240kbps and an average speed of around 20kBps. That's enough speed to download a full 700mb movie overnight.. Download speeds are also subject to the no of seeders. Anyway based on my calculations, 10 hours is the estimated time of completion for a full movie.
I can show you a screen snap if you want proof.

  • Sachin

Hey guys tell me wat is symtorrent is all about . I just know its download file faster. And when i download this app it shows expired certificate. Help me out to download .

  • ssj

walkman, 13 Oct 2010good boy, in conclusion the only thing good in this mobile more... morethen if we talk to the point nokia has just fooled by selling u ur beloved nokia 5530..if we compare it with 5233 then its just too foolish of a comparison as nokia 5530 only has a 2.9in screen as compared to 5233 and also 5530 has only 1000mah as compared to 5233's 1320mah battery...ur phone might be having wifi but weak battery kills the fun...and abt the metal ring just keep on licking it to ur hearts content as it hardly matters over its huge disadvantages....and abt sound quality both are the same but the soubd quality still remains a subjective matter....u cannot just stand that nokia is selling phones that r more feature loaded and at much lower cost than ur nokia 5530 its rather more comparable to a corby wifi...

  • utk

walkman, 13 Oct 2010good boy, in conclusion the only thing good in this mobile more... moreWEll sunny boy. For this price i can get the best value for money phone in this price range. What amazing features does your phone offer in that price range?

  • riyaz rasheed

SidewindeR, 13 Oct 2010Haha... I won't get intemidated by your verbal comments. But tha... more700 mb via gprs?it will take forever !

  • jb

how can i used the flash light on my nokia 5233?

  • SidewindeR

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2010Yeah, walkman don't have that 5530 or whatsoever. He just want s... moreHaha... I won't get intemidated by your verbal comments. But that doesn't mean i'm not capable of coming down to your level. This is a public forum with visitors from every corner of the world. I do respect that and not you petty comments.
As for me, i'm totally satisfied with my phone. It totally depends on how you use your phone. If you are willing to get your hands a bit dirty like utk and sbdevilmind, you will reap the benefits. To give you a better perspective, right now i'm posting this reply from my phone using opera mobile and reliance net connect gprs connection at the same time i'm also downloading a 700mb movie using symtorrent in the background. All the while i'm listening to my favourite tracks using my philips she9800 premium earphones.
These are stuff that would otherwise require me to sit in front of my pc wasting energy and time. I can do all this and more at the comfort of my bed. That is my definition of usability and functionality. And another thing is that 5233 is the cheapest symbian^1 smartphone currently available in the market. So it is just unfair to compare this phone with mid or high end touch phones. Not to mention the fact that no s40 device can match it's flexibility and features.

  • Anonymous

Do not download the app given in the link by walkman.The homescreen can be rotated but the contact icons may not work and if you installed orange tsunami app earlier,it will collapse in landscape mode.

  • Louis Vorndy

I really like this phone ^^ nice style :D