Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

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  • rajajhs

very very good one!

  • Sneh.

Very very cool phone.i am having this for last 2 years but no problem since quality is great .can play all types of videos using divx.or core codec is good.internet brousing is easy and fast please use uc brouser.battery life is poor especially while using net.can anyone please tell me about how to download and play engage games on this phone,?..

  • OdhisMoto

How can i get my bluetooth and radio to work,I was told that it is a hardware problem.

  • Anonymous

can sumbody tell me about its social networking capablities...pls?

  • izhan

its very nice mobile and its feature is very good i really like this mobile

  • toymid

pls where do i get this kind of phone to buy in Nigeria

  • paco

atul, 26 Aug 2011It's the best phone ever made by nokia. I'm using this phone sin... moretrue --- one of the best phones....i had one but i got drunk and entered the sea for 2 hours with it in my pocket ---- :))) - the phone i ever had

  • Kal

My 5320 is 3 years now.ones i droped it in to sea & 100 times in to ground.but it's working superly.i think this is the greates 4n by nokia.

  • piexalart

Hope nokia provide a software that can play MP4 with AVC/h.264 codec..

  • atul

It's the best phone ever made by nokia. I'm using this phone since last 3years & have dropped many times but it still works without anyproblem. The image quality is great even in dark. Sound quality is awesome. I feel i won't ever change my 5320 for anything.

  • justin

hey guy i brought this phone almost a year ago and i still have it in my possession..i love this phone alot in terms of performance and the software it supports. the only problem that i've came across over the year was the battery life which is really annoying so i figured out if you use this phone in GSM mode instead of 3G mode it can increase the battery life..cheers guys

  • fattylee

best phone ever! I have been using it close to 3yrs without having problems only of recent when my my usb port cease to work.

  • bisee

actually,i cherish it.

  • manoo

such nyc phone i lyk it much


Mubashir, 25 Jul 2011im using this phone for more than 2 years. In the begining batt... more i like it

  • QAMR

smartboy, 16 Aug 2011the best fon eva. All i hav evr wanted in a fone! it is so good mobile

  • Anonymous

it is so good mobile i like it too much ....... but it is too costly so i cant buy it

  • ASB Rox

it's also gd bt it' key pad is very uncmftble im use it two and half years then im by a 5800 its very gd full tght phne i love my 5800

  • Jagmeet

Very good phone. It is not heavy.short size.

  • smartboy

the best fon eva. All i hav evr wanted in a fone!